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8/29/15 11:59 PM
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a company up there is recruiting me hard, and I definitely want to be in Alaska. However, they've been very honest about the city. Essentially saying it's really a village accesible only by plane, no fast food (no biggie), very expensive. They can provide housing till May, then I'd have to find something. 

8/30/15 1:41 PM
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It's a tiny village, they aren't lying. Honestly, do it just for the experience, Alaska is like nowhere else. In the summer, you could fly to Anchorage and from there visit anywhere. The fishing would be ludicrously good and it borders Katmai I think, so there's always bear watching. The biggest issue is whether or not they have actual plumbing, or the old honey pot.....

8/30/15 4:21 PM
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The apartments do have plumbing. But I'm concerned with schools for my kids and in May I would have students from Boston as part of a intern program that I would manage but when they come I would have to give up he company apartment for them and find a place till they go. Which I'm sure is hard and the people renting would probably seek a premium rent since its fishing season. Phone Post 3.0
8/30/15 5:25 PM
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Yeah, kids complicate things greatly and you're probably correct about rent. Maybe a year long lease woul alleviate that though because a lot of places mostly die after tourist season

8/30/15 5:46 PM
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Thanks I appreciate the info, the guy was very up front about it all and I appreciate his honesty. He is looking for a two year commitment, then possibly move and grow with the company to HDQ. Phone Post 3.0
8/30/15 11:47 PM
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I can ask around over the next few days, I know a few people that have lived all over the state. I'll tell you though, Alaska is second to none.

8/31/15 12:27 AM
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It's my final destination whether I take the job now or go to Texas with American Airlines till something opens in Anchorage or Fairbanks Phone Post 3.0
8/31/15 12:27 AM
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And VU Phone Post 3.0
8/31/15 12:40 AM
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Best decision of my life, and I highly reccomend taking the time to drive up on the ALCAN. I am in Anchorage for the next several years, but I plan to settle further out. Homer is looking really good to me, but I have the time and exploring the state is always a worthwhile endeavor.

8/31/15 1:02 AM
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Man this is hard, if the guy can guarantee me a year round place I'm in. Otherwise it'll
Be Tahoe or Dallas till I can do my Alaskan relocation properly. Phone Post 3.0
9/1/15 3:22 AM
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I can dig it