Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Does Luke Harper have Undertaker attributes?

4/20/17 5:56 AM
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Could he pull off a deadman gimmick?


Not saying a new Taker or Underfaker but something along those lines.


He seems super agile for a big guy. I dont know what his mic work is like but he seems wasted as  a Wyatt 

4/20/17 10:18 AM
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I always thought he was wasted as a Wyatt family member. Hell that whole gimmick was poorly done. He moves well and pulls off the crazy guy persona.

4/20/17 11:17 AM
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Katie Vick's bastard son from Kane?
4/20/17 12:01 PM
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He looks like Brody he's a fan of Brody let him do a modern Brody... but yeah his eye thing he does could pull off the supernatural gimmick.

Corbin would have been perfect for a young fake taker gimmick. Dudes like cardboard, could do an emotionless gravedigger just as easy as an emotionless...whatever he is now.
4/20/17 5:47 PM
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Him and Ambrose could've been a great psychopath team, they also wear identical ring gear.  Ambrose would need to drop the comedy shit he mixes in though.

4/21/17 5:46 AM
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I like the Kane's son idea and agree Corbin could have done fake taker too.


seems like a missed opportunity to carry the gimmick on for another generation it doesnt have to be exactly the same