Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Drew Galloway defends WCPW title in 30 man rumble

12/6/17 3:44 AM
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12/6/17 3:47 AM
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Popped up in my next video played twice on youtube. I'm giving it a go as we speak.
12/6/17 3:48 AM
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If it's time stamped, I'm sorry I'm retarded or something.
12/6/17 4:06 AM
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Juicy Juice sighting!!! I can't spell his name.
12/6/17 7:44 PM
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^Was a decent watch, if you get bored. I'll change the topic though instead of making a new thread...

Have you guys checked out any of the new collection on the network "Match of the 2017"? It's pretty good. As was last years.

Even though for me what makes wrestling great, 75% of it has nothing to do with the actual wrestling. It is cool once in a while to boil away all the bs and just watch a good match.