11/11/12 1:21 AM
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I'm sure this thread has been done millions of times, but I'm new to this particular board, so I wouldn't know.

But yeah. What's your favorite feud ever? I think mine has to be either Austin/McMahon or DX/McMahons/Spirit Squad (just for the hilarity and ridiculousness of it all) Phone Post
11/11/12 1:42 AM
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Flair vs Steamboat
11/11/12 1:55 AM
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Flair/Sting or Von Erichs/Freebirds Phone Post
11/11/12 2:02 AM
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Triple H/Lesnar. I loved it so much I'm dying to see a rematch at wrestlemania. Phone Post
11/11/12 2:33 AM
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Sting vs nwo ( build up) , angle vs eddie, flair vs steamboat, heart vs austin Phone Post
11/11/12 2:59 AM
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HBK/hart (HBK is my favorite wrestler of all time I have probably went back and watched every match of his possible)

Sting/flair (wasn't alive when this was happening but I went back and watched everything I could on it and even without seeing it live I still think its the GOAT

Austin/rock (mostly because that's when I was young about 6-7 and my favorite was Austin and my cousins was rock we honestly had fist fights over who was better lol) Phone Post
11/11/12 3:50 AM
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Sting/Flair may be the greatest feud ever. No feud will ever last over a decade again.

Rock/Austin as well was pretty transcendent.

If I had to go with a single storyline feud. Easily, Steamboat vs. Macho Man. Had drama, longevity, Steamboat returning from injury then it cultivated in one of the greatest matches in the history of wrestling. Only having it the world title at stake would have made it greater. Phone Post
11/11/12 5:33 AM
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roninthebox - Sting vs nwo ( build up) , angle vs eddie, flair vs steamboat, heart vs austin Phone Post
Was also gonna say sting and nwo, definetly always been my favorite Phone Post
11/11/12 7:39 AM
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My favorite is for very nostalgic reasons. It's Psycho Sid vs Vader when they had their stretcher match. I was a kid living in a small town. A house show came to town and they did the stretcher match. It was before the PPV so it made it feel really special. Phone Post
11/11/12 10:34 AM
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I would have to go with Flair/Sting vs Funk/Muta.  Seperate fueds that tied into each other, brought back the Horseman, and eventually led Flair vs Sting.

11/11/12 11:06 AM
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Jake the Snake and Rick Rude.
11/11/12 11:11 AM
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Bret vs Owen...LOD vs Demolition... hart and hbk..undertaker vs kane Phone Post
11/11/12 11:49 AM
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Flair vs. Funk

Steamboat vs. Rude

Yoko vs. Taker

The whole THREE weeks of Punk vs. Cena... I know the majority liked Punk v. Nash/HHH better, but I really enjoyed the Cena buildup.

I'm forgetting some I know but that's off the top of my head. Phone Post
11/11/12 12:08 PM
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Piper-Snuka and Slaughter-Sheik. Also enjoyed the Eric Embry vs. The evil Army feud in USWA.
11/11/12 12:09 PM
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freebird vs. von erichs
11/11/12 12:22 PM
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Austin/McMahon, Austin/Hart Foundation, Sting/Flair, Sting/Hollywood, Hardyz/Dudleyz/E&C, Raven/Sandman.

11/11/12 2:54 PM
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Flair vs Rhodes, Freebirds vs Von Reichs, Savage vs Steamboat Phone Post
11/11/12 3:28 PM
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The Megapowers feud, Hogan vs Andre, McMahon vs Austin Phone Post
11/11/12 4:10 PM
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Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask

More recently the Danielson vs McGuinness feud in ROH was tremendous
Edited: 11/11/12 4:17 PM
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Nuckin Futs - Flair vs Steamboat
11/11/12 4:19 PM
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Also, Austin/McMahon-  Defined the Attitude era. Lasted for 3 years. 

11/11/12 5:18 PM
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Sabu vs Taz Phone Post
11/11/12 9:14 PM
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Jake the Snake/Steamboat Phone Post
11/11/12 10:31 PM
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Big Boss Man vs The Big Show
11/11/12 10:44 PM
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The Dole Guy - Big Boss Man vs The Big Show
My god that funeral lol Phone Post