7/17/17 2:29 AM
Posts: 5847
Up off the gimmicks watching G1 dawg
7/17/17 7:14 AM
Posts: 9101
Great Balls of Climax would've been a better name imo.
7/17/17 11:07 AM
Posts: 18460
7/17/17 12:52 PM
Posts: 6254

In, just started watching the first match. 

7/17/17 3:10 PM
Posts: 5848
Fell asleep on it. About to watch the first G1 matches in a bit.
Edited: 7/17/17 4:45 PM
Posts: 5850
These "lets slap each other really hard back and forth really hard and not sell any of it" are not over with me brother.
7/17/17 4:55 PM
Posts: 18461
The slapping totally fits with Japanese psychology though. I think I prefer the slapping and softer elbows in comparison to the back and forth kicks to the face and hard elbows to the face rampant in 2000s
7/17/17 6:47 PM
Posts: 40971
I'm saying this now cause this will be the only time this tournament where I can say it probably......


The last three matches were all outstanding. I'll be honest, I was a little concerned about ZSJ in this tournament cause I just don't have a feel on how New Japan will present him in the heavyweight division. Yeah he will have great matches, but I thought New Japan could definitely have him go like 2-8 and lose all his big matches against the top of the block. Him beating Tanahashi in his first match has rested my fears. And to the surprise of nobody, ZSJ is awesome at telling a story inside the ropes.
7/17/17 6:58 PM
Posts: 20310
Watching it tonight instead of Raw
7/17/17 7:02 PM
Posts: 9113
grizz632 - Watching it tonight instead of Raw

Don't do it, grizz...We got a big night coming.


I'll be watching this tomorrow though.
7/17/17 7:20 PM
Posts: 6255

Are the tag matches worth watching? I generally just skip to the finishes for those. 

7/17/17 7:32 PM
Posts: 5851
Kinda upset that ZSJ tapped Tanahashi but I guess they have the injured arm excuse and imo Naito and Ibushi was an excellent 5 star match
7/17/17 8:14 PM
Posts: 40973
bonersaurus -

Are the tag matches worth watching? I generally just skip to the finishes for those. 

I don't watch any of the non tourney matches. It's hard enough to keep up on just the tourney matches.

7/18/17 2:20 PM
Posts: 6258

I'm saving Naito vs Ibushi for the weekend along with day 2. The Goto vs Ishii match was great and perfectly brutal. 

7/18/17 7:04 PM
Posts: 331
Marlo Sansfield - Kinda upset that ZSJ tapped Tanahashi but I guess they have the injured arm excuse and imo Naito and Ibushi was an excellent 5 star match
They also played up the fact that tanahashi never wins his first match. I thought the match was well done and ZSJ sold the knee well. I wish there wasn't that little bit interference but whatever

I loved the Fale Makabe match too. Fun first night.
Edited: 7/18/17 8:56 PM
Posts: 15360
my god ibushi naito was insane. What a first day
7/21/17 12:56 AM
Posts: 41043
For the first time ever I think, two days into G-1....and I'm still up to date!

Juice Robinson has to win most improved this year in the Observer awards. I can't think of anybody who is ever a close second. Add Sanada to the list of people where TNA had no idea what they had. And EVIL has come along nicely as well. I remember when he couldn't even get bookings really on his US excursion. No problem with the one Okada comedy match. Wish it was halfway through the tournament though so he could have an off night after he's already had a few good matches, not before all of them. And to the surprise of nobody, the main event was outstanding. Second best match of the tournament so far, behind night 1's main event.
7/21/17 2:26 PM
Posts: 5351

I've not watched this much wrestling in such a short time period in my life. It's been great though. 

7/22/17 6:50 AM
Posts: 332
Really curious to see where they go with this tama tonga omega angle? Im completely caught up 4 days in. Kinda crazy. Nothing has disappointed so far
7/22/17 10:06 PM
Posts: 5868
I've fallen behind, I knew this would happen.
7/22/17 11:48 PM
Posts: 5869
Don't know what it is about him but I can't stand Sabre, Jr. Not sure if it's his Screech physique or his boring mat based style.
7/23/17 4:21 AM
Posts: 333
Ive enjoyed zsj g1 so far. Also enjoyed juice Robinson a bunch. Only 2 that feel out of place are kojima and nagata. But i understand why they have to be there.
7/23/17 11:59 PM
Posts: 408
naito vs ibushi match of the g1 so far
7/24/17 2:19 AM
Posts: 334
I dunno Elgin okada was really good
7/24/17 9:38 AM
Posts: 5352

RIP Daryl.