11/12/17 7:58 PM
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Anyone else seen the Netflix series?


For the most part it was really an easy and enjoyable watch. Cool cameos from

wrestlers and Awesome Kong did a good job with her acting role.


The biggest flaw imo was that from the very beginning every single man that appears is deeply flawed and either an arsehole, sexpest/ sleeze or drunk. They had strong female characters they didn’t need to go down that route like they did with Orange is the new black season 2 onwards.


I had to quit that when the show became a parody of itself and man hating agenda show. I got through all of Glow and would recommend it.

11/12/17 8:47 PM
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Alison Brie has nice boobs
11/12/17 8:55 PM
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grizz632 - Alison Brie has nice boobs


11/12/17 9:04 PM
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RedDragonUK - 
grizz632 - Alison Brie has nice boobs


This and the blonde chick with the huge rack is spectacular as well. I enjoyed it.
11/12/17 11:50 PM
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still haven't seen it. Loved the actual documentary about it.
11/13/17 2:36 AM
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The women in the show are all deeply flawed as well. It’s not just shitty male characters.

The lead character fucks her best friends husband and ruins their lives for no real reason.

Marc Maron nails it as the promoter.

11/13/17 3:20 AM
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Thought this was a thread about Naomi. I am disappoint.
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I searched high and low for a video that featured Betty Gilpin being hot af on GLOW, but couldn't find one.

I really wish I could post pics, but even when I had a blue name, I couldn't figure it out. That was quite awhile ago, though.
11/13/17 4:44 AM
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Watched the first episode to see Alison bries breasts and her bare ass as shes bending over in a leotard. Other than that you couldn't pay me enough money to watch it.
11/13/17 10:09 AM
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Fun show, neat slice of history. There is a good doc on GLOW also on Netflix.