2/16/17 7:46 PM
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Soo i live in long beach, ca and bought tickets to a house show here in lb on sunday. Havnt been to a house show since the main event was razor vs diesel. How are they now a days? They interact more with crowd ect ect ???
2/16/17 10:40 PM
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Haha. I am going to the Smackdown house show in Saskatoon on Sunday!

2/16/17 11:07 PM
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They are more theatrical.

Little less serious compared to tv.
2/16/17 11:37 PM
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Byron Saxton gives away free stuff to the crowd.
2/16/17 11:38 PM
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Mini Titantron and walkway.
2/17/17 1:07 AM
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I've been wondering the same thing. Last house show I went to was Bret hart vs yoko in a cage match in Anaheim. My dad didn't buy me shades
2/17/17 3:00 PM
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It starts at 730 on a sunday night. Me and the lady dont have much going on sunday soo we arw gonna go early. See if we can see them arriving or just hanging around.
I would love a picture with jericho, hes the only guy out of 3 dudes that i always wanted to meet and get a pic with. 2 down jericho to go.
2/17/17 3:39 PM
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Hit the concession as soon as you get thru the doors.
2/18/17 7:51 PM
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So my SD show tomorrow apparently has no Cena, Wyatt, or Orton. Shitty.

2/18/17 8:16 PM
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RKing85 -

So my SD show tomorrow apparently has no Cena, Wyatt, or Orton. Shitty.

How do you check that. I wanna see who mine has. The ad advertises a ko vs roman match and you got jericho and bayley on it
2/19/17 9:26 PM
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Good lord its sooo tiny here. This is fun
2/19/17 10:36 PM
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Prefer house shows, hope you have a blast 

2/19/17 11:35 PM
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Hope you got a soft pretzel for Art.
2/19/17 11:47 PM
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they didn't advertise the card at all. Just listed a half dozen names. I didn't know the card until I saw the results from the Edmonton house show last night.

Maryse in leather pants was worth the price of my ticket alone.
2/20/17 9:06 AM
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Bought ticket for the family for a house show 24th March. Its my girls 9yo daughters birthday surprise. She is a massive New Day fan. I cant wait to see her face when we show up to the event and she realizes its a WWE show.

2/20/17 12:00 PM
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It was an absolute blast. Very small, environment was awesome. The crowd way into it. Lana in person ooommmmgggg sexiest thing ive ever seen. Baleys ass is huge in person. Kevin owens is hilarious bantering with the crowd. All in all i plan to go to more live events when in town. It was alot of fun.