Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground I want Kane and Braun to keep one-uping each other

10 days ago
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1.) Kane throws Braun in the back of a Garbage Truck

2.) Braun slams Kane through the mat with a powerslam.

3.) Kane slams Braun's neck down on a chair.

4.) Braun slam's Kane's neck down on a chair TWICE.

5.) Kane uses a knife and stabs Braun in the middle of the ring.

6.) Braun shoots Kane in the face with a pistol.

7.) Kane forces a grenade down Braun's throat, which explodes.

8.) Braun shoves a tomahawk missile up Kane's ass, which explodes.

9.) Kane hires a small band of mercenaries to hunt and murder Braun.

10.) Braun takes over a small country and forces it's people into servitude, and the entire country invades Kane's locker room and beats the shit out of him.

11.) Kane develops nuclear power.

12.) Braun gains control of the Infinity Gauntlet.

13.) Wrestlemania rolls around, Braun wins via Powerslam.

10 days ago
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Then Reigns goes over. 

10 days ago
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Kane should be saved in a hell in the cell match against Braun by Braun's brother Downey. 

9 days ago
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Hulk up

Finger Point

Big Boot

Leg Drop, Brother


9 days ago
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Then Reigns goes over. 

Hogan must pose pal