Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground My dream two -Sasha and Alexa both on Raw

4/19/17 5:57 PM
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Just watching raw now ( don't get to watch till Wednesday 10pm on sky in uk as I don't have sky with DVR, I have BT package because UFC I cannot go without and I have parents sky Xbox login)

BuT anyway I am partial to mixed race, caramel, mocha and black beauties such as Sasha, Alicia foxx  and Naomi. Most probably due to being with a classy white British brunette girl, so I like something different.  But my god Sasha this week she got my needle moving!!! She looked insanely hot, she is number 1 for me unreal booty and caramel complexion. Then Alexa well that booty, pretty face and heelish tendencies are just perfection and is number 2. Naomi number 3. Eva Marie used to be up there.

god Sasha and Alexa get me going more than many women wrestlers in a long time maybe even lita and Trisha times ( I was 10- 14) 1999-2003.


someone get me the tissues 

4/19/17 8:50 PM
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Me too brother, lets jerk off together.

You can have naomi, I will take the retard who won the belt a couple months ago.
4/19/17 9:15 PM
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OP got my motor revved up.