Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground The Expedition Of Gold Tour kicks off Tonite!!

2/16/17 9:00 PM
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Tonite.. The Expedition Of Gold Tour kicks off from Tijuana, Mexico..
Broken Matt and Brother Nero vs Psicosis and Super Crazy for the Mexican Tag Team Championship belts.. Conan is also in the house..

Vanguard One is getting some love from the female luchadoras aswell...

2/16/17 9:11 PM
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Next week: The Hardys are transported to Mid Atlantic Wrestling.. As the Expedition Of Gold Tour rolls on....
2/17/17 8:02 AM
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Later. I don't have Pop anymore, so I have to watch later.

2/23/17 5:42 PM
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Tonight: The Hardys take on the Mid Atlantic Outlaws on their Expedition Of Gold Tour..
2/23/17 8:33 PM
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"Skarsgard is no longer a dilapidated boat.. It is now the Golden Arc"
2/23/17 9:03 PM
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Mid-Atlantic Territory: Broken Hardys vs Mathis and Rage..
3/2/17 4:16 PM
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With the Hardys officially free agents now.. where will the Expedition Of Gold Tour head now..?

Rumors have it that Broken Matt and Brother Nero are next headed to NJPW to challenge the tag title holders on their Expedition Of Gold..
3/2/17 9:12 PM
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Tonight...the Hardys traveled to MCW and challenged for the National Tag Titles inside a flea market hall..

"Money is for Marks!"~Brother Nero
3/4/17 1:35 PM
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So when the Hardys win belts. Like MCW belts... what happens? Do they defend them back in MCW? I've been to the MCW arena (flea market) for an Evolve show. Place is a dump. Just curious how it works when they win these belts, though.