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4/19/17 7:57 PM
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From a dirt sheet. Seems to make sense to me though, because they were obviously teasing the Bryan feud.

Reason why #TheMiz was moved to #Raw

The reason The Miz was moved to Monday Night Raw is, #WWE felt like he had plateaued on the blue brand.

The original plan was to have Miz do a "long con" feud with current #SMACKDOWNLive General Manager Daniel Bryan, eventually leading to a match somewhere down the line. Miz was even told to do Bryan's moves during his matches, to play up the storyline. When it became clear that WWE doctors were not going to clear Bryan to wrestle, plans were altered drastically that So much so that the purposed Undertaker vs. John Cena match was nixed and the the Deadman was moved to Raw, to feud with Roman Reigns. (who was originally supposed to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, before Goldberg agreed to a contract)

This led to the mixed tag match at Wrestlemania. WWE was hoping Daniel would be healthy enough to have one final match with Miz in Orlando, but this was, unfortunately, not the case.

4/19/17 8:17 PM
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I call bullshit. WWE has never shown any interest in having Bryan wrestle again.

4/19/17 8:39 PM
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They were verbally feuding pretty much from the beginning of SD Live until WM. And Miz was using his moves. Why else would they do that?
4/19/17 9:03 PM
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Makes sense
4/20/17 10:21 PM
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I think they would tease a match they never intended to have just to keep people watching and get people talking. Bryan isn't exactly one of the most charismatic on-air personalities as GM.

I don't necessarily believe they ever intended to bring him back, even for one match. They made him retire in an embarassing fashion.

It's stupid, and it makes me long for the days where chairshots to the head were legal, and guys worked hurt every night.

Corey Graves on commentary is a gift, but could you imagine how he'd be tearing it up on the main roster? Daniel Bryan is a wrestler... if there were no massive crowd reaction and "YES!" chants, he'd be boring as shit playing "General Manager." Everyone that's been watching since he was actually working knows he'd rather be in the ring...

I'm just not sure they ever meant to bring him back for one match. The Miz/Bryan feud developed about as organically as it could in today's WWE. I think the higher-ups plugged it for ratings, but never intended to follow through with anything but using the angle as a tease...
4/21/17 12:50 AM
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I hate that Miz and Ambrose went to Raw together.
4/21/17 4:54 AM
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Daniel Bryan is boring as fuck as the GM. Letting Miz rip into him every week was the only way to make Bryan relevant, while getting some sort of return on the money they have to pay through the end of his contract. You know when his deal is up he's going directly to ROH or NJPW.

WWE is fucked if the idiots at Impact actually pony up the money to sign Bryan.
5/11/17 4:23 PM
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6/22/17 6:40 PM
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