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Carlos Eduardo "Cadu" Francis I began training self defence with Fernando Yamasaki (Brother of UFC referee Mario Yamasaki) at the age of 13 at my elementary school P.E class and eventually began taking his After school BJJ classes. In little time I felt the need for a better training and joined his adult class at his main school in São Paulo. At that time the training was kind of hard for me because of the age and strength difference between me and the other guys was big, but what worked on my advantage was that I had to learn the techniques properly otherwise I would never beat them. My first competition was at the age of 14 and since then I got a taste for it. For me, it has always brought some goals and inspiration for my training, also testing myself on a real situation and seeing if what I am training is good or not. As a Junior I have 3 São Paulo State Gold medals and 2 Adult silver medals. Juniors are allowed to fight in adult and junior division since they are placed on different dates. In 1998, as a purple belt, I moved to Sydney to study marketing. I remember the good trainings with Adam Kayoom and Luke Picklum and how it was just a complete different reality of training than in Brasil. No black belts around and a bunch of people really thirsty to learn. I competed and trained in several places around Australia. I also gave classes a couple times a week. In November 1998 I participated in the Australian Nationals (pre Pan Pacs) and split the 1st place with Adam Kayoom. It was there that I met and became friends with Jason Gotch, which led to me spending 10 days in Perth. When my course in Sydney ended I decided to return to Brasil to continue my university and BJJ training to improve myself. At this time I decided to commit to Jiu-Jitsu more seriously and began teaching part time in a few different schools. It was necessary, otherwise I would have to quit Jiu-Jitsu to work with something different and for me it was not a possibility. Time Passed and together with the conclusion of the university I got my black belt (January 2002). On August 2002 I made my graduation trip to Europe. I had a few friends spread around in Barcelona, London, Paris... so I brought my Kimono and just went around visiting some schools. I made some good contacts and from 2003 on I began making several trips to Europe, mainly to Holland to teach and expand the sport. In 3 years of hard work I managed to build one of the top Jiu-Jitsu schools in that region. I also had the pleasure to train with some top guys such as Peter Aerts, Pedro Rizzo, Rodrigo Minotauro and many other fighters that passed by Holland for some Kick Boxing training. The Experience I gained there was Priceless and the friends I made were for life. On the second time I was in Holland I met Rodrigo Minotauro, he was there to fix his lower back with Dr. Bert, in this really small village called Gennep, very near to the German border. I remember Rodrigo and I used to train Dr. Bert's weight program at and then go to the small room with these 4x4 mt2 mats and train Jiu-Jitsu with and without kimono. These trips I made opened many doors for me such as traveling all over Europe and training with so many different people. In one of my trips, Peter Aerts brought me over to Japan for a week. There I met Sam Greco, a great guy and amazing fighter. We had a good time together and of course some time on the mat training grappling and Jiu Jitsu. I believe that the BJJ level in Holland today is comparable to Brasil. Of course we don't have dozens of black and brown belts on the mat but the quality is high. Last year we brought back home a silver and a bronze medal from the world cup which was held in São Paulo. This made me very happy as an instructor, to see that my work is going on the right direction. Last year I decided to spend the 1st semester of 2006 training in Brasil and focus on my own development. The results so far have been OK with a 3rd place in the Pan Ams in LA. While in LA I stayed and trained with legendary BJJ man Rigan Machado. On my return to Brasil I also fought through to the second round of the Brasiliaro. This last weekend I had a great result with a 1st place finish at the Campeonato Paulista, (São Paulo's largest State Championships) wining three tough fights against São Paulo's best fighters. Article by Cadu: I had 3 matches, the first one i was pulled to guard, i passed but he tryed to turtle and i put the hooks and choked martijn de jong style.. hehe 2nd match i pulled straight to omoplata, then made it very tight but he didnt tap so i used it as a sweep and putting pressure on the guard pass... tough match, Thiago was turning on his knees alot and trying to go for a leg lock... for 1 moment i wasn´t sharp and he managed to get my leg stuck, i took my time to escape but he began pulling it in a twisting way. the referee stoped the match and we restarted standing up. I pulled to guard again to keep the point advantage and swept him once more and administrated the victory. THe finals was against Soluço, alliance guy. He is a very strategic person so if he got 1 advantage i would be in trouble so i planned well not to get behind in points. I made a good grip and since he relies alot on his Judo i Pulled to guard right away. I atempted a sweep over me but he defended and i closed the guard. the match was basicly there, i attacked, he defended, he opened my guard a few times, there were a few attacks but no advantage and there was a moment that he came almost on my halfguard but i imidiately replaced and getting a triangle. he defended i went o omoplata and got the advantage... after that he realized he had to open up. then he stood up again i almost swept him and went for the armbar he defended i went to omoplata again and got another advantage and i followed with a basic tripod sweep which guaranteed me the GOLD MEDAL! My next goal will be a good buildup and performance in the Mundial, (World tournament) which is held on Rio de Janeiro in July of each year. Now the plan is to, together with Jason Gotch and Trent Payne, expand the sport to the other side of the world with high quality training that allows everyone in Western Australia to move to the next level in BJJ. I've decided to continue with my studies and I have applied for a Sports Development course in TAFE WA, with the course beginning in July 2006. Below are some of the Major titles that I have won: Bronze Medal Brasilian Nationals (Brasiliaro) 2000 Champion ADCC Scandinavian Open (Grappling) 3 x Best Team Dutch Open 2003, 2004 and 2005 3 x Bronze Medal Pan American BJJ Championship 2002, 2004 and 2006 5 x São Paulo State Champion (Campeonato Paulista)
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Cadu was a friendly dude when i met him at the dutch open '04 - hope his new place works out.