8/6/14 11:44 PM
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Hey bro, a buddy of mine will be in LBC for metamoris; I told it would be a good move to get a private from Jordan while he's there. He will be there till probably Tuesday. Actually him and another blue belt. Pm me mah man!
8/7/14 7:58 AM
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need to change setting to accept muds ,do you want me to set up some classes for them clay?will let jordan know
8/7/14 8:21 AM
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That would be awesome bro. It's two of them, so whatever he wants to set up will be fine. Thanks man they'll be stoked.
8/7/14 9:06 AM
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open your account for muds will email my cell#
8/7/14 10:24 AM
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Done and done.