Revgear League BJJGround Anyone had a micro discectomy?

8/22/13 1:26 AM
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L5/s1 herniation with 13mm bulging disc. S1 nerve root is compressed.

This is what it's come to. As i refuse to keep living in pain. Epidural helped with pain, but that's temporary. I still have lots of weakness and no mobility left on my left side.

They want to trim the disc on that side to keep it off that nerve. Anyone have any experience with this?

I haven't been on the mat in almost a year. Haven't touched a weight in months. Still in pain, and I'm just so sick of it. That's how bad it is.

Thanks. Phone Post
8/22/13 5:13 AM
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I have a great interest in this. Phone Post 3.0
8/22/13 5:34 AM
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8/22/13 2:25 PM
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Yes about 5 years ago Ruptured the l5-s1 disc with a 17 mm extrusion. It damaged the s1 nerve to the point where my calf atrophied because of the lack of enervation.

I could not walk without a pronounced limp.

I had the sx in July and was able to compete in the pan and the following spring.

I still have neuro pain and my leg will still spasm for up to 30 min like a giant Charlie horse. That hurts to the point of almost tears but it occurs only rarely. The back pain is tolerable most days but I am not complaining because I have full mobility.

If you get cut, have it done by a neurosurgeon not an orthopedic surgeon. All the neurosurgeon does is spine related sx and this procedure is routine. For an ortho, I think this is one of the more complicated procedures. Phone Post
8/22/13 2:28 PM
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This is beyond chiropractor or massage. 3 bulging discs. 8 10 & 13mm for the bottom 3 discs. I did 3 months of the oprthos requezted pt, and it got worse. I am very diligent in working out. So it wasnt lack of effort.

Also showing arthritis in the bottom 2. A Chiro looked at my mri, and said yeah..... That's not good.

Just pressing into tbat area of my back causes me to almost faint. Phone Post
8/22/13 3:04 PM
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I haven't had one, but a buddy of mine did.

Played college and pro football, never had any back issues. Chasing his kids in a creek bed, fell, got a bad bulging disc. Did I micro disectomy and felt a whole lot better.

Fast forward a year or so, he's working out with a trainer approved by his surgeon to strengthen his core and back around the disc. Something happened, disc is in bad shape again.

8/22/13 3:45 PM
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I had what my surgeon described as a 'large' L5/S1 herniation.

Pain with walking, pain with stretching, pain down the leg....whole nine yards.

I seriously considered microdiscectomy. Im young, active, and seemed to be a good candidate. I did a great deal of research, and the numbers seemed to be on my side regarding reherniation etc, but I didnt want to have to constantly worry about it on the mats. I decided to try traction therapy with a PT as a last ditch effort, and it literally changed my life. I underwent roughly five/six 15 minute treatments that rendered me completely asymptomatic. I have had absolutely no pain whatsoever in the 9 months since treatment, and have been more active than ever.

While I concede that this is probably an unusual case, I am so grateful that I decided to try traction first. I know that it is likely that I will have to deal with problems in the future, but it feels great to have forgotten about my back problems completely.


8/22/13 3:49 PM
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cumprido1 - This is beyond chiropractor or massage. 3 bulging discs. 8 10 & 13mm for the bottom 3 discs. I did 3 months of the oprthos requezted pt, and it got worse. I am very diligent in working out. So it wasnt lack of effort.

Also showing arthritis in the bottom 2. A Chiro looked at my mri, and said yeah..... That's not good.

Just pressing into tbat area of my back causes me to almost faint. Phone Post
Consult with a neurosurgeon. It is an outpatient procedure nowadays. I don't advocate surgery unless your quality of life has been compromised. It sounds like it has.

There are risks to sx, you could have issues with either/or bladder or bowel control if something goes wrong. Find the best surgeon you can and get a consult.

One thing I have that does help with the pain(aside from drugs) is a TENS unit. But these things can only address the symptoms and not the cause. Phone Post
8/22/13 4:17 PM
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I had a bulging disc. Kept training
Ruptured the disc. Kept training
Disc tore apart and basically burst. Took me out of training for 3 years.

Get it fixed. Dont be a dumb ass like me.
8/22/13 4:40 PM
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Same injury, had the surgery, used a neuro...back in 6 weeks. Still hurts a bit but nothing like before. I also had the sciatic forenum that's the hole the nerve exits the vertebra enlarged. Do it! It'll change your life. Phone Post 3.0
8/22/13 10:26 PM
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The doc is the head spine surgeon at ucla. Another coworkers wife had a more difficult procedure done, and had nothing but rave reviews.

My calf has already atrophied quite a bit. It's just been very depressing on all levels. Phone Post
8/22/13 10:28 PM
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Thanks for the input guys. Much appreciated Phone Post
8/22/13 10:31 PM
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OP procedure. Said it takes about 45 minutes. Recovery shouldn't be too bad.

Yoga has never made me feel one iota better in the lower back. And i guess now I know why. Phone Post
8/23/13 1:50 AM
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I got nothing for you but well wishes.
8/23/13 10:32 AM
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Getting on the mat is the last concern on my mind. I just want to feel normal again Phone Post
8/23/13 12:45 PM
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Twice. Once from sports injury in college. Then, abt. two years ago, I was squatting, tried to get that one extra rep then pop! re-herniated the same disk. Getting the surgery was the best thing I ever did. You will never be the same kind of athelete as before the surgery, but you will be able to do a lot (I still run, lift, and jiu jitsu regularly). Plus, it should help a lot with the pain and that was the big thing for me. My doctor was actually an orthopedic spine specialists who only did back surgeries. He did work for college and minor league sports teams before moving to my area. Research "endoscopic micro-discectomy". It's a lot less invasive than a standard micro-discectomy. Whether you go with a nurosurgeon or an orthopedic spine specialists, make sure he does a lot of these surgeries often. Like jiu jitsu, practice makes perfect. To give some perspective, my doc did about twelve discectomies a week and been a doctor for about 30 years.
9/4/13 4:02 PM
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Appointment is in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed Phone Post
9/5/13 2:10 AM
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2 ruptured disks for years that no amount of traction, epidurals, exercise or physio/chyro could fix. Had endoscopic micro disectomy and immediately felt 100%. Rushed back to training "light" 6 weeks later, ruptured one disk again and had to have my back fused. Out for a year with just physio to recover.

Listen to your doctor not your body when you resume activities. Phone Post
9/6/13 8:34 AM
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I had the same thing back in '96. Had the surgery done and haven't regretted it ever. The best part was right as soon as I woke up, i could FEEL the difference...the charlie horse was gone from the was night/day! As long as you take it slow and rehab NOT just after the surgery buck it up for the rest of your life! Stretching, strengthening, and recovery/rehab work before and after bjj class has kept me pain, and issue free.

Now the flip side, my buddy had the same exact surgery as I did and went back early to powerlifting. Now the discs above and below ended up herniating and he has paid for it ever since. Just be smart and you will be fine. I am an advocate for it...just my opinion.
9/9/13 7:23 PM
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Thanks for the feedback.

Greatly appreciated Phone Post
9/12/13 1:01 PM
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I had the same injury for a few years and finally the sciatica for so bad that I had to have the microdiscetomy. The surgery went great and I had no more leg sciatic leg pain. It took me awhile to work my way back into shape and then I decided to start BJJ. I figured it would help with my core strength and flexibility which it did. Plus it was fun as fuck and I loved spending time on the mat. After about a year during drills (scissor sweep to be exact) I felt that familiar pain down my left leg. I stuck it out and rolled at the end of class and that was a huge mistake. The next day the sciatic pain was really bad and I was out. It took me about 6-8 months to work through the pain and get back to feeling normal again. I haven't been back to BJJ since which sucks.

I decided to start swimming and running to stay in shape and just ran a full marathon. I know I just need to be careful and to protect my back. I do still miss BJJ though. Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 2:18 PM
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9/18 is the surgery date.

Doc said I'll be able to walk on flat ground that day, no real restrictions except for stairs and lifting objects.

Sh0ould be able to do PT in 2 weeks after that, and after about 2 months, I can get back to normal activities.

No idea if I'll pursue BJJ anymore, as I do have another herniation on L4/L5 that will probably be an issue in the future, but I'll need to see how I feel.

Boxing/Muay Thai is a whole lot less harsh on a back than BJJ, so that's where I'm probably going to end up. I'm just hoping for the best with this procedure, as I've really just been all sorts of fucked up for months.

9/12/13 2:36 PM
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Good luck man. I'm sure you will feel so much better after the surgery. Like others have said, when I woke up from surgery without that damn pain going down my left leg I was so happy. Just take it slow and do the rehab work. Get your core in great shape. Don't lift anything heavy and when people ask you to help them move, tell them to fuck off. Phone Post 3.0
9/21/13 2:04 PM
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No more leg pain at all. They found the disc was actually ruptured, so it took longer than expected in surgery, but aside from the incision site being super sore after a few days, I'm walking better already.

Next goal is to rest up and get into pt, and get healthy again. Phone Post