6/17/14 1:34 PM
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Finally,  Atamausa.com is back!

Full line of kimonos Atama already in stock and by the end of the week we'll have a full inventory of Atama products.

For more info visit our website www.atamausa.com or email us @ info@atamausa.com



Rod @ AtamaUSA

6/17/14 1:55 PM
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I'm just gonna go out there say I hope y'all didn't change the ripstop mundial pants at all! They were perfect! Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 2:28 PM
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Bring back the gold weave, PLEASE Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 3:43 PM
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Awesome Phone Post 3.0
Edited: 6/17/14 5:19 PM
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Ripstop Pants still great!  ATAMA is coming up with the A1 A2L A3L sizes and some other new products in a very near future.



6/17/14 5:34 PM
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Bring back the double weave! Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 5:44 PM
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Hell yeah Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 5:59 PM
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Being back the old school tee shirts that just have the atama logo. I'd buy one Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 6:14 PM
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Are you still located in Torrance?
6/17/14 6:42 PM
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Good to hear!!! Sorry to hear about Eric. He was a great guy. I remember back when we were all going crazy trying to get the 'fancy' atama gis here in the US. Funny how times have changed. TTT for you guys!! Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 6:55 PM
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Be reasonable with your prices. Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 7:01 PM
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can't wait for the Atama shoyoroll tribute gi.
6/17/14 8:21 PM
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Josh Mancuso - Be reasonable with your prices. Phone Post 3.0

6/17/14 8:35 PM
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6/17/14 9:13 PM
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I like Atama, but those prices are freaking ridiculous now. Are they made in the USA or Japan or something cause those prices, sweet Jesus!!!
6/17/14 9:37 PM
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Is it back with the old atama prices of less than $100 for a standard single weave or is it the hyperinflated prices $150 etc that will lead to failure? Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 10:00 PM
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Our prices are actually very competive with the HIgh end kimono brands in the market today, our kimonos are made in Brazil and everyone knows that a ATAMA kimono last 3X longer than the average kimono sold today.

Kimonos like Koral MKM go for $199, Vulkan $189-199, Keiko $189-200, Lucky $219-239, Storm $199-229 and Shoyorolls for upwards $250-300

Atama is on the market for 25 years this year of 2014, quality is unmatched and with a huge line of new products Atama is coming back strong to North America.

We'll work very hard in offfering the best deals in our store here in the US and if you are a ATAMA fan you know the quality of our products.




6/17/14 10:01 PM
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we are located in San Diego now.

6/17/14 10:51 PM
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Please don't try to go hipster with your new stuff. Koral is trying that with the new MKMs AND they jacked the prices up about $25 to $224 for a new MKM.

And only retards on eBay are paying $250-$300 for Shoyorolls. Orig MSRP is about $180 for them. Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 10:58 PM
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Go to fightersmarket.com to see prices. As was mentioned, no one pay $250-300 for a SYR unless on ebay or something like that. Storm has drastically lowered their price and are always on sale now. There's also a reason why Koral and Vulkan has lost their share of the market, mainly due to price.
6/17/14 11:12 PM
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Atama was the first gi I ever bought and I wanna support you guys...but 200 bucks average for your gis now is kinda crazy Phone Post 3.0
6/17/14 11:50 PM
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My first non-white gis were blue and black Atamas that I bought from Eric out of his apartment for about $100 a piece.  When I called to order (yes, we used the phone to order back then) he asked me where I lived.  Turns out that I was only a couple of miles from him and he wanted to save me on the shipping.  RIP Eric.

Well, back to the present.  I get the boutique gi thing, but $200 for an Atama...?

6/18/14 12:30 AM
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Bought a new gi the day before this post. I has a sad. Phone Post 3.0
6/18/14 12:42 AM
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My first decent gi was an atama gold weave. Lasted me 6 years. Bought it for 150 I think back in 03 Phone Post 3.0
6/18/14 12:59 AM
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How do you put this... Atama Brazil waited until Eric was buried. Eric's guys picked up the owners son from the airport took him to Eric's funeral. Had dinner with Eric's guy. Came to agreement that Atama USA would remain as is. Eric's guy took him back to the airport so the owners son could catch his flight back to Brazil.

Less then two weeks later they got a cease and desist order from a law firm in New York to stop selling Atama products and to turn over the domain name.

The owners would not call back or return emails to Eric's guy... so now they are back! GTFO

This is not the same company Eric build of the last fifteen years. I for one will never buy an Atama Gi again. The one I do have I will wear. But will in no way support the "new" Atama. Phone Post 3.0