Revgear League BJJGround BJJ Conditioning Workout Resource?

6/18/17 8:53 AM
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. I am looking for a jiu-jitsu specific workout program that is all bodyweight movements with an emphasis on solo jiu-Jitsu techniques such as shrimping, hip heists, etc. that I can do at home. Google search found lots of body weight workouts based on military PT but nothing that incorporates grappling moves. My friends any suggestions on a product out there as I don't trust myself to create a plan.
6/18/17 9:51 AM
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Stephan Kesting has a solo grappling drills stuff I think as well as stuff in Jason Scully's Grappler's Guide has stuff.
6/19/17 4:38 PM
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I think Andre Galvao's book is the closest thing to what you're looking for.

There are several videos on youtube created various Bjj fighters/instructors that feature solo grappling drills (many of them are in Andre Galvao's book). However, I have yet to find a jiu-jitsu specific workout program like you described.

What you may have to do is develop your own program based on those videos and resources.
6/20/17 8:45 AM
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I've seen tons of videos on YouTube, but no actual product. I'd look at Jason Scullys solo drills on YouTube. There are lots of other ones...but you will need to pick and choose. - Scully - Galvao - chewjitsu with a ball

There are tons more.