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This is the first video of me doing some flow rolling with my students. This first video is about Open Guard.

I will add more videos in the next days.

Take care
Björn Friedrich

4/24/09 6:16 PM
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4/24/09 6:24 PM
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 very cool!!!
4/24/09 7:13 PM
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Cool! Always nice to see some flow rolling! It inspires creativity!
4/25/09 3:35 AM
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4/25/09 3:35 AM
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4/25/09 4:45 AM
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flow rolling is always a good work out while still being able to work in some technique
4/25/09 5:39 AM
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I love training like this.

Your tornado rolls are looking good.
4/26/09 7:28 PM
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4/26/09 8:08 PM
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Great stuff Björn! Thanks.

I've been doing this for years and found it takes a special partner to not slam it into higher gears. Some people just seem incapable. This is GREAT for when someone is injured or there is a large weight disparity as well.

4/27/09 2:55 AM
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 I always train like this when my trainingpartners are not so experienced. But honestly I try to so this also when they have more skills.

I feel like to be able to constantly move and flow into transitions and submissions is the perfect BJJ however of course it is harder to do against guys the same level. But I think this is my goal in fighting to be with the flow.:-)

Take care
4/27/09 4:28 PM
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ttt good stuff!
4/29/09 3:45 PM
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Great vids Bjorn!
4/29/09 5:54 PM
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Cool!!!! We call this type of training "playing ball" at the academy I attend.
8/5/09 6:27 PM
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Some more rolling footage of me against more resistance but still I try to stay in my flow game.

Take care
8/5/09 8:38 PM
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latest vid will not play for me
8/5/09 8:40 PM
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The Gimp - latest vid will not play for me

My German is rusty to non existant but it seems like something about youtube videos 10 at night tonight? something..... um yeah it wont play for me either :(
8/5/09 9:37 PM
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Oh wait, its too large of a file to play because its over 10 minutes! I'm a language genius!
8/5/09 9:37 PM
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TTT For fixed videos of Bjorn. Love your style!
8/6/09 9:53 AM
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 Here is a short version, but nevertheless some footage. I try to keep my flow while my partners are giving more resistance.

Take care
8/6/09 10:25 AM
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Bjorn, that half guard kimura to roll to kneebar is beautiful!!!!!
8/6/09 12:23 PM
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 The beautyful thing is that I never trained such a combination. If you relax,breath and keep posture things just flow:-)

Take care
8/6/09 12:26 PM
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I dont get flow rolling. I get relaxing and not forcing shit but "flow rolling" just doesn't make sense to me. My instructor keeps trying toi get me to do it but everytime I try my version of it with a lower belt he says I am fighting to much.


8/6/09 12:41 PM
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 Actually it´s not just relaxing and being like a cooked noodle that doesn´t work most of the time.
Actually it is really flow rolling since my students do their usual stuff in this clip.

For me rolling with flow depends on a few things:

Biomecanical exercises
If you can´t move fluid on the ground without a partner don´t expect to move fluid with a partner.


As soon as you stop full belly breathing you try to hold and force things. Breahting should never stop

Posture and movement
I always try to keep a straight spine and move my hips first. Every movement is starting hips first.

There is a difference the way you open your refrigator or your girlfriend. One is mechanical cause you know what to expect and one is more emotional because you want to feel what you touch. In BJJ it makes a difference if you grab mechanical expecting certain things or grabing with the intent to feel. I try to feel wiht my whole body while rolling

Willpower is creating distance in German "Wille ist Weg". As more you try it as less it works. Look at some top level BJJ Players Garcia, Cobrinha, etc. they just move and move and move until they get the tap.
They don´t force things.

Take care