David Jacobs' BJJGround BJJ Rank of this Instructor? Arash Dibazar?

8/10/10 4:38 PM
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From his website... 

"First of all, I would like to thank my teacher, the Prince of Fiji, Manu Tupou, for breaking me free of the cage of ignorance that I was brought up in. He taught me how to milk the ecstasy from every moment of life and imbue it with aesthetics. Next I would like to thank my teacher, Sandro “Batata” Santiago, for teaching me the pure and true form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as was passed down from his teacher Gordo. He showed me that with the correct leverage and technique coupled with the warrior spirit any opposition can be overcome. I am forever in debt to both my teachers and humbly bow before them.

 - Arash Dibazar"

Owner of IMC Academy


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Looks like he learned to milk the ecstasy of the crazy, as well.

I took Muay Thai lessons a long time ago out of the school of a Persian guy just like that.

He had a couple "legit " ranks (TKD, Kuk Sool) but also promoted the fact that he held titles such as: "World Martial Arts Champion 1990 -1995", "International Champion of Combined Sparring Competitions" and "Overall World Martial Arts Fighting Champion 1996". I knew he was a nut job, but the Muay Thai teacher who taught classes there was great.

This guy reeks of that same craziness.
8/10/10 4:50 PM
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 You can milk anything with nipples.
8/10/10 5:40 PM
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oh, really? i have nipples, h8r. can you milk me?
8/10/10 10:27 PM
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He is a pretty good Brown Belt under Sandro Batata. Hes legit.
8/11/10 12:24 AM
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Arash is definitely legit. Put in his time and I've rolled with him for countless hours back in the day. Batata awarded him with his brown belt last year.

Arash is a good friend and definitely out there (in a good way). If he has a pair of nunchucks in his hand I'm running for my life.
8/11/10 8:25 AM
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From his website:

"His father, a Sergeant in the Elite Persian Military was also a Professional swimmer competing in all the local and National Championships. A world traveler with a spirit for adventure he would constantly encourage his son to mingle with all cultures and to take on new tasks with a sense of daring adventure.

"I have spent my whole life studying and practicing the Art of War and have constantly been amazed that I have never seen my father show an ounce of fear in his eyes...ever." - Arash

An inspiring quote considering that in the 7th grade the kids had nicknamed his father "scaredy cat" due to being constantly bullied by another older kid. "I just got sick of it one day and walked up to the kid and before he even could open his mouth to say anything, I head butted him in the nose and proceeded to give him the worst beating of his life. After that I knew I would Never Fear Anyone again." - Hassan Dibazar

His mother the great grand daughter of the Indian Maha Raja Ahmad Khan was also the daughter of Mahmood Reza Monshi one of the greatest and most prolific Poets of his time. From his earliest memories Arash recalls: "There was a sense of Magic and Mystery about my Grandfather, as he would walk around the garden sipping tea and reciting endless poems seeming lost in some otherworldly trance that seemed to rivet the attention of anyone who would be standing by" -Arash

He was introduced to the martial arts at the age of 2 in his native land Iran by his 7 cousins who all held black belts. However his formal training started at the age of 11 in Tae Kwon Do. At 16 he won the gold medal in the California State Junior Olympics and that same year went on to win the gold medal at the National Junior Olympics in Florida beating out 52 other competitors. By 17 he was a member of the number 1 martial arts demonstration team in the world The Next Generation Action Team, and by 18 had toured the US and Europe performing martial arts for audiences as large as 37,000 people. His talents have been featured in the first web designed fighting game "The Net Fighter". At 20 years old he moved to Hollywood and landed featured roles in the film "The Ultimate Fight" and "Que Sera, Que Sera". He has also been featured in numerous commercials and music videos as well as TV interviews and magazines. He was cast as the Red Ranger in Saban's TV hit the Power Rangers, but due to other projects at the time he did not continue with this.

His dedication to the arts led him to take the vows of a fighting monk at the age of 21. His deep understanding of Zen and the Tao are evident in his technique and movement. A true artist, Arash has devoted his life to perfecting his craft and studying the great masters before him gaining an insight into the essence his art.

Black Belts from different styles come to train with Arash to expand their knowledge of the art of war and gain a deeper understanding into their own art.

From the age of 4 to 11 Arash had already lived in 6 different countries including Iran, Turkey, Syria, Kuwait, England and the United States. Having to mix with so many different cultures, he quickly acquired the ability to read people's expressions and body language as a means of understanding their communication, as it proved extremely difficult to learn all the various languages. At 11 he was enrolled in Martial Arts classes and spent the next 22 years establishing himself as one of the leading experts in the art of Self Defense and Martial Arts performance. Through his accomplishments he had the great fortune of becoming the student of the great Broadway actor and Director and The Prince of Fiji, the late Manu Tupou. Manu opened his eyes to the world of Aesthetics and the power and role of the artist.

Having the confidence of a champion martial artist, the skills of an expert actor, and a deep background in Zen Buddhism and body language, Arash had a chance encounter with the book the "Game" that started him on the path to meeting Mystery from the Venusian Arts and devoting his energies and creativity to mastering the art of the pickup. A personal student of the Master Pickup Artist James Matador, Arash brings to the game a unique vibe that is extremely impressive and enjoyable to watch. A teacher for more than 18 years, Arash has a keen instinct for amplifying an individual's inner game and removing quickly the mental barriers that prevent men from succeeding in any field. This, coupled with his extensive understanding of the game, makes for one of the most potent instructors in the world of pickup today."

This is the craziest bio I've ever read.
8/11/10 9:42 AM
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Yes, I would like to learn this move, "Milking the ecstacy".
8/11/10 11:43 AM
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I doubt he has a kids class. ;)
8/11/10 11:53 AM
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 Awesome. I love weird people.
5/21/15 10:49 PM
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Um. First off, Arash is a Black Belt under Sandro Batata Secondly he has and controls a Kids Academy for kids. Get facts straight.
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^ Um. First off, this post is 5 years old. Get time straight.

5/22/15 12:07 AM
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