Revgear League BJJGround Best way to shrink a gi slowly?

9/5/13 11:42 AM
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Need to shrink my new hyperfly gi about 3 inches in the cuffs. Put it in the dryer last night on high for 15 minutes and it didnt do much. Should I experiment with longer dry times or should I wash it in warmer water? What do you guys think? thanks
9/5/13 12:16 PM
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In the dryer at 10 mins intervals?
Doesn't fit after the first round? Another 10 mins, and so on. Phone Post
9/17/13 8:49 AM
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9/17/13 2:05 PM
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Start pounding weight gain shakes. Your gi will feel smaller in a month. Phone Post
9/17/13 6:48 PM
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I recommend icecream before bedtime
9/17/13 7:45 PM
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just wash it in hot water and hang it dry.  Over many washes it will slowly shrink to the size you want.

9/17/13 7:59 PM
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The Popeye - I recommend icecream before bedtime

way ahead of you buddy. Just got back from the gelateria where they use the pears from my trees to make their ice cream. Im not much of a sweet tooth but this stuff was great. Expecting gi to be a little snug on saturday. They gave me a kilo of the stuff