9/3/13 2:46 PM
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I have been back in San Diego training this week. I can't believe I used to take for granted the talent pool in this city. IMO I think it is the best city for Bjj in the states. (Los Angeles a very close second). Phone Post 3.0
9/3/13 3:11 PM
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Where at ? Phone Post
9/3/13 4:17 PM
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Im going to sd to train at team victory next year when i go to college Phone Post
9/3/13 5:55 PM
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I am at victory this trip. There are soon many world champs as champ makers within a few miles of here Phone Post 3.0
9/4/13 1:39 PM
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Rick, good meeting you brah!
9/4/13 3:47 PM
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Nice to meet you too! Hope things got better. Phone Post 3.0