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9/6/13 2:11 PM
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...coming late November, early December.

I can't wait.
9/7/13 1:23 AM
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Having seen his jiu jitsu in person, I have no problem with the things he says - and as a roosterweight who competes in, and wins, absolute divisions, I think he's more than earned the right to give his opinion.
9/7/13 9:57 AM
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The way he does in absolute divisions is simply amazing. Phone Post 3.0
9/7/13 2:58 PM
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TTT for that WIZARD Phone Post 3.0
9/7/13 4:25 PM
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This could be really cool. It's amazing the choices that are appearing online. Seems to be a choice for every style of bjj there is.
9/11/13 12:28 PM
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If there is anything you want to see in there let me know

I'm not familiar with the soap box, is it a new 10th planet position ;)