Revgear League BJJGround Club owners how do you collect dues?

9/4/13 11:06 AM
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Can someone point me in the right direction here? I run a small club and am having issues with collecting dues. I want to go to an auto bill system where students give me a void check or other bank authorization to just take the money out of their accounts every month.

Problem is, some of these have minimum accounts/students required to function.

Can you guys tell me about how you collect dues using these types of services and which ones might be best for small clubs/memberships? Im in Canada BTW. Thanks.
9/4/13 11:15 AM
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Members Solutions handles everything
9/4/13 11:18 AM
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When I first opened my school I went with a company called EasyPay.  After a couple years of no problems, they claimed an employed ripped them off and they were going out of business.  They transferred my students to a company called PayCentric ( who I've been with ever since.  EasyPay ripped me off a few thousand dollars though.  He claimed that it was tied up in court and that after it was resolved he'd send me the check for the remainder of the students he collected tuition from before transferring to PayCentric.  He never sent the check and I can't track him down.

I also have PayPal 'buy now' buttons on my website.  I just started it with PayPal, but they have a 'subscription' services.  So, a student can sign up for monthly auto deduct right on my website via PayPal, or bring me a voided check and I put them on PayCentric.

Here's my site if you want to check it out, Valko BJJ

9/4/13 11:22 AM
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thank for the info. Paycentric is only in the US unfortunately. I have a call into member solutions.

ttt for more options
9/4/13 11:24 AM
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Chase bank has a decent debit credit setup for people to do auto withdrawls if you can approved for it. Cheaper than other services. Phone Post
9/4/13 11:26 AM
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not sure if thats an option for a Canadian business but thanks for posting ^
9/4/13 11:29 AM
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What ever you do:


They are the worst if your a business, can and will take your money, and are impossibble to work with. If for some reason your foolish enough to use pay pal make sure you link it to an account you keep a low minimum in, that isn't linked to anything else in anyways, and you transfer money to it and clear it out regularly.
9/4/13 12:28 PM
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Cashier checks or cash Phone Post
9/4/13 12:34 PM
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By force Phone Post 3.0
9/4/13 5:51 PM
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OP, I don't know what the situation is in Canada, but in our club everyone pays by Standing Order. New signups pay the first month in cash and are given a form to submit to their bank.

Every month their account is debited the amount and it's transferred into the club account with their name as a reference.
9/5/13 8:05 AM
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Auto draft is the ONLY way to go. You'll thank me. Phone Post
9/5/13 8:34 AM
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Direct debit payment company. Fortnightly, not monthly. Also give them the option of a 10 pass if they work out of town a lot. Also a 3 month pay upfront rate. The direct payment is the cheapest.
9/5/13 8:36 AM
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how does the 10 pass work with the autowithdrawl (Im assuming you get the money come right out of their account).?
Edited: 9/5/13 8:40 AM
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10 pass is cash. As is the 3 month advance. Works great. most pay by direct debit thankfully. Otherwise I would be fucked.
9/5/13 8:42 AM
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I also have no joining fee and no leaving fee. I can also put their payments on hold if they are away more than 3 weeks.
9/5/13 7:45 PM
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Affiliated acceptance. Have been using them for 4 years and no problems.
9/6/13 10:00 AM
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BenBJJ - I also have no joining fee and no leaving fee. I can also put their payments on hold if they are away more than 3 weeks.

this is what Im trying to avoid

what happens at my school is if I take cash for membership, if someone hasnt come to class in a couple of weeks, they will stay away for the whole month because they dont want to pay a months tuition for 2 weeks of training. It happens a lot. Classes get smaller and so does my income from it.

Is the goal not to lock members in so that you can pay your bills and they will not be tempted to stop training for a long period of time?
9/6/13 10:44 AM
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I have a set up like BenBJJ, people can pause or cancel if they're out for 3 weeks or more. Very few people pause.
9/6/13 2:20 PM
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Find OUT how billing comp charge you 3%.PAY THE HOT BLONDE to collect your money!Enrollment will increase as long as u don't bang the profits!
9/6/13 6:49 PM
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Payment is always a pain from the school perspective. Many students either don't want to pay or will miss classes and only want to pay for the classes they can attend or just skip the rest of the month and just think they should pay the next month when they come in and not be responsible for the month they skipped.

The best way is auto payment with credit card but even then it will occasionally be declined. A bank draft sometimes will bounce.

Third party billing service is a blessing as they chase the slackers for you and you can just teach.

9/7/13 4:52 AM
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when i trained with a certain grandmaster here he took the money out my wallet evertime he kneebared me and went to the lockers to get the ice packs to put on my leg
9/7/13 11:10 AM
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If you are looking to make payment collection easy for you and less confrontational with your membership, then there are many companies that do payment processing and you can set them up on autopay.  You will have to do your own collecting if the payment bounces. 

If you want a payment processor that will not lock you into a long term contract, offers the most affordable processing of payments and is upfront about all their costs,  check out this company.  I do not know if they operate in Canada, but they might be worth a call.


9/7/13 4:34 PM
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Damn, no grandmaster yet? I am disappoint.
9/7/13 4:52 PM
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Stubjj844 - Damn, no grandmaster yet? I am disappoint.

Well, I'm annoyed at all this "automation" to be honest with you...

We maintain a traditional "Tithe Day" on the 3rd of each month, where upon students MUST appear and RESPECTFULLY present a small, red envelope filled with cash in the traditional manner.

If people can't get off work once a month to spend a few short hours paying respect to their teacher, maybe martial arts isn't for them.

Let's see "PayCentric" serve you tea and Red Bean cakes followed by a light foot massage.
9/7/13 6:51 PM
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if they no pay..
i can be there with bomb..