David Jacobs' BJJGround Did it take you awhile to find a comfortable gi?

5/15/18 1:31 PM
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I envision myself wasting a ton of money, and there must be an easier way? Besides nogi.


With summer coming up, I thought I’d get something lightweight, did my research & decided on the Tatami zero-g v4. My first mistake....  all the reviews were on the V3. The v4 has a “competition cut”, the legs are curved, not straight, basically designed for someone to be in your guard. They are also like joggers, wide in the waist/upper thigh, then get very tapered. I have to pull them up all the time, even with the elastic-rope drawstring & 6 belt loops. (I realize this happens when people don’t know how to properly tighten/tie the drawstring. I wish that was the problem here)


On the top, the sleeves are too long, but I can’t shrink it in the dryer because it’s already fitted everywhere else. So I tried the trick of getting the sleeves lightly damp & taking a blow dryer on high to them, until dry. No shrinkage. It’s an A3, I’m 5’9”-5’10” 200lbs. Not fat, not skinny either.

My school carries the kingz basic 2.0 and the Kingz nano, maybe I can try these on to see if I like the fit. 


I wonder if there’s a place in the Bay Area where you can try on a gi before you buy it. That would be cool.


5/15/18 2:26 PM
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idk.... I just throw on whatever... I take hand me downs that fit like a hand me down...

5/15/18 2:32 PM
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Meatgrinder - idk.... I just throw on whatever... I take hand me downs that fit like a hand me down...

I’d love to use one of my brother’s old gi’s. So comfortable. Wrong color, unfortunately my school is particular about that. Also, I’d love to buy one in the right color, but it doesn’t have a tag or brand anywhere, only academy patches. No idea who makes it. Maybe he can find out.

5/15/18 5:12 PM
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Fuji is decent. Just their regular BJJ GI. It isn't tight cut and lasts a while. I'm almost 6' and 185-190 it fits and would have room for you. A3

5/16/18 2:06 AM
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Just add bjjhq on instagram or visit the page regularly and pick up anything that should fit around 80-100 $. Worse case you can prob sell it if its a bad fit and wont lose tons of $$ buying something retail priced (110-150+ $)

5/19/18 8:32 PM
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Not IBJJF legal but as someone with hyperhidrosis this gi does the trick and is only $99:


Great for the summer time especially.