Revgear League BJJGround Do you tape things?

8/7/14 1:51 PM
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I know some guys that I train with that I assume by tape in bulk because they are taping themselves up all over and for every class. Fingers, toes, wrists, etc. Every day and every class...

Every now and then I've taped things due to injury (wrist, thumb and my ears in the past.) but why do people tape up for every class?

8/7/14 1:56 PM
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I know a few people like this. I too assume they buy it in bulk, haha. Phone Post 3.0
8/7/14 3:04 PM
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I do my pinky and ring finger on both hands every class. Good for a little extra support. I definitely notice it when I don't tape. Phone Post 3.0
8/7/14 3:30 PM
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I have to tape a few fingers due to previous injuries. If in don't, they same to get injured again very easily.

I buy hockey tape in bulk from Costco. Phone Post 3.0
8/7/14 3:31 PM
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I only did injured fingers until a month ago.i now tape my index, middle and ring fingers on both hands. My hand joint pain has decreased significantly. Phone Post 3.0
8/7/14 5:37 PM
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Fingers all the time. They're fucked from breaking grips but taping makes them feel less fucked. I got onto bulk supply of 1/2 inch silk tape from my local chemist. 100 rolls for $100. A roll lasts a week or so Phone Post 3.0
8/7/14 5:50 PM
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i might be joining the ranks of the mummies cause my hands are fucked and I've never taped them

8/7/14 8:26 PM
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only if i'm injured. its mostly my toes
8/7/14 8:59 PM
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I only tape if something is injured, like buddy taping a sprained finger. I have often wondered about some of the elaborate tape jobs I see that don't seem to offer any additional support, but have never asked anyone about them Phone Post 3.0
8/7/14 9:56 PM
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i have to tape my pinky otherwise it dislocates and i cant do any gi grippping with that hand
8/7/14 10:09 PM
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My fingers, 1/2 inch tape. I rotate around a few suspect fingers and one heberden's node appearance has me keeping consistent. Phone Post 3.0
8/7/14 10:56 PM
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I buddy tape some carrot fingers that are gnarled and sore all the time.

I do bjj and judo on the same day 1x a week and those days I tape up like judoka w/ bad fingers otherwise I will be walking around like Chris Elliot telling people to "Take my strong hand."
8/8/14 12:14 AM
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omoplautistic - I do my pinky and ring finger on both hands every class. Good for a little extra support. I definitely notice it when I don't tape. Phone Post 3.0


8/8/14 9:47 AM
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if i have a cut on my finger or toe ill tape it up,and rarely on a jammed finger,usually i just tough it out...i dont think it makes much difference
8/8/14 11:16 AM
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FINGERS! the last several months my hands have taken a beating. I HAVE to tape my right pointer and middle finger all the time.

8/8/14 12:25 PM
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Minor cuts on hands/feet or if I have a jammed finger I'll throw some on. Phone Post 3.0
8/8/14 1:57 PM
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I tape most of my fingers every day because of old injuries. The support from the tape has stopped them from being reinjured as often, and the pressure from the tape takes some of the nagging pain in my knuckles away. I buy half inch tape in bulk on Amazon.
8/8/14 8:23 PM
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Lately my thumb. So it doesn't fall off when rolling.

8/8/14 8:24 PM
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Sometimes I tape joints together for support, mostly on jammed fingers. Also, I tape to cover cuts.
8/8/14 10:43 PM
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the women's locker room
8/9/14 12:48 AM
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Never tape, never try to resist grip breaks Phone Post 3.0
8/9/14 2:55 AM
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I tape all my toes together on both feet. I do it as a precaution nowadays as i had a compound fracture a few years back while training. I guess i don't want to be there again.
I buy my tape in bulk from a physio supplies store. Works out to be super cheap Phone Post 3.0
8/9/14 12:28 PM
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Started taping my finger joints that are inflamed. It seems to prevent swelling. If only I could figure out a way to tape my neck. Phone Post 3.0
8/11/14 2:59 AM
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I swear I think taping fingers makes them weaker unless you have a current injury. Phone Post 3.0
8/11/14 3:32 AM
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The Principal - The glue on the tape irritates my skin; I would rather go without.... That being said, many people tape over cuts because stick on bandages will come off while rolling, so they wrap over them. Phone Post 3.0
If i have a cut I'll put spray bandage over the cut then I'll find over a strip of tape and wrap it up. Otherwise I'll put a bandaid over it and tape over that Phone Post 3.0