Revgear League BJJGround Finally got my blue belt

5 days ago
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Not really the most threadworthy topic I realise given it's no biggie but it ends I think one of the longest stints at white belt given my first lesson was 2002!!

Safe to say there was more 'not training' than 'training' over that period. Jobs and kids etc don't help!

I know a lot of the guys in the uk scene and it's crazy how many of them are black belts now that I trained with (or trolled with lol) when they were white belts.

ive trained with loads of different people as I'm constantly moving about and rarely in one place for long because of work but managed to get a good run on and off with a top bloke in Birmingham (Kev Webb - one of Braulios first black belts) thanks to a long term project being based near there

Anyway it's a bit of a monkey off my back now lol and  looking forward to competing at blue


still only 37 so plenty of time to make a run for black. That's the plan. My kids are through the age that makes it tough on the free time so hopefully I can make a good stab at it!

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Congrats dude!
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Better than most 

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Congrats most people who start training never get that far. Well done

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I feel your pain. I have been a blue belt since 2001. A lot of work and injuries in there. Things are going well now in a much better school too with better teaching and support.
4 days ago
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Congrats! I know the feeling, brother. Just got my blue over the winter after training nogi inconsistently for 12 years. Decided it was time to get outside of my comfort zone and train in the gi. So glad I did! Hoping to make black before I'm 45.

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Congratulations mate

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Cheers all

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congrats mate
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Congrats my friend.  I just kind recently too.  Feels pretty damn good doesn't it??   Keep grinding, purple is right around the corner.  

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checkuroil -

Better than most 

Still beating all those folks on the couch!

Well done OP!
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Congrats mate
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Congrats bro!

I went 06-2015 myself