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1911-6-18 The Courier.  Quite


1914-10-29 Lincoln Daily News


1914-12-3 Reading Eagle.  Pro wrestling


1914-12-14 St Petersburgh Independent.  Don't believe Miyake ever got the match with Gotch.


1915-6-20 Chicago Tribune

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1905-11-5 Le Sport universel illustré.  An original article on the match, the translation is babylon and 30+ year old high school french. So forewarned, Wonky reading ahead.





Jujitsu against French Boxing

There is a question of jujitsu, as there once was an Eastern question, as there is currently a Moroccan question. But today, I will imitate my political colleagues who, in serious matters, are held on a prudent reserve, and give less than their own opinions and more facts.
So I was summoned to the famous game of jujitsu, which, with its mysterious ways, took on all the appearances of a duel. I went in skeptical. First, to remain within the limits of truth, we must say that we did not know where to go: it's only the day before the
bout a little blue 'came to tell me that the meeting would take place the institutions Védrine, 7, Quai de Seine at Courbevoie. Well chosen, this meeting place: a magnifiqne terrace crowning the Védrine workshops, and providing a whole intimate arena, the view no eavesdropper could violate.

There were assembled the aristocracy of sportsmen, amateurs and professionals.How I recount the battle itself? It's very difficult. What painter could paint the lightning dappling the nude? The pen feels well powerless to describe what the cinema itself has struggled to capture. What I saw ? Here it is: Two men in a ring, both dressed as two pedestrians: one was called Dubois and represented the French school, the other was called Regnier and represented the Japanese school, jiujitsu. A voice rang out: 'Come on, gentlemen! 'The men measured each other's eyes, approached and embraced each other, rolled on the ground, and I heard a cry "Mercy"! It was the voice of Dubois, the champion of the French school,who begged for mercy. Then another voice rang out..?. 'Mr. Regnier is the winner' This was what had happened, Dubois tried a chest kick that Regnier had avoided, the latter was 'returned' and floored his opponent, then, swaying to his back, grabbed his arm. then the cry of mercy resounded, otherwise, by the admission of Dubois, his arm would've broken.

That's in few words the true story of the fight. What conclusion is to be drawn? This is where the issue is complicated: it is therefore here that I'll let him speak two masters of French boxing.

First ask the question like that was asked. We witnessed the struggle of a man against another man. There was a winner and a loser: is the method of one better than the other?

Allow me to say that the question was badly put. It seems to me that, from a single experiment, we can not formulate a general rule. Were the French bad soldiers because they were defeated in Sedan? Were the Prussians bad soldiers because they were defeated in Jena?

Alas, I went first to Mr. Leclerc, the well-known teacher, whose room (i5, rue de Richelieu) is attended by an array of distinguished sportsmen who will learn there, how one conquers a boxing championship. It is indeed a nursery of champions, that Leclerc room! Mr. Leclerc formulates his opinion that he fully authorized me to reproduce: 'Of the two opponents, I know of only one *: Regnier.
This was my home for three years training the fight and boxing. All I can say is that he has many admirable qualities, the main one being very fast. Regnier is a speed demon. As for Dubois, I do not know and that's what surprises me, for I know all the Paris Boxing master but him! Also, I wonder if he was really qualified to represent the French school.

I was not at the combat, but according to the story that has made me wonder how Regnier was able to so quickly approach Dubois. It is understood that my criticisms are not intended in any way to question the real courage of Dubois, who displayed a bravery that can not be overstated. But I still deny jiujitsu the superiority over French boxing, especially since all the blows of jujitsu are taught in our rooms. This is not new, it's old hand we want to fashion new. '

That is the opinion of Professor Leclerc.

And now that of Professor Charlemont. -

This is too well known to need to make a detailed portrait. I entered a large sumptuous salon, 24, rue des Martyrs. A man in a gray suit was sitting at a table, pouring over some paperwork. It was Charlemont. I introduced myself and made known the object of my visit: 'look well, he said, this is a book with engravings representing all the blows of jiujitsu. Now, this work dates from 1674*** !. And we  say that Jiujitsu is new!   '** the dutch fight book***

I could not repress a smile at the triumphant brilliance of Professor. He continued: 'See for yourself! 1674! All moves are demonstrated! I teach all my students, or at least only those who express their desire to me. Nothing new under the sun !. And first, Dubois, what did he do to defend himself? Nothing. Regnier was allowed to approach.He should keep his opponent at bay.

Jujitsu! Jujitsu! 1674! 1674! There it is. in these terms that Charlemont gave me his opinion. We see that it is categorical. The Dubois-Regnier match proves

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nothing against the French boxing and jiu-jutsu challenge, it is a rejuvenation of an old fashion, it is a return to the crinoline or tricorne. It's old! This is a reissue that loses all its legitimacy by the mere fact that it gives the air of a first appearance.

After Leclerc and Charlemont, that question? Their colleagues? I thought I would encounter the same assessments. I had heard a single side, I had only one sides opinion: I wanted to hear the other side for the other opinion. I ran to Regnier.I found myself before the same little man I had seen in combat: the small, broad-shouldered, with the dull and shy figure.

How can such vigor shelter under so frail appearances?

Now, Mr. Regnier (sorry, I do not call you 'Ren-Nie'; why use your Japanese name, when your heart is so French ?.) That's an aside. Now, Mr. Regnier, what do you think of your struggle, your victory ?. I think I won. I knew I had to overcome.I was absolutely calm. This fight has only confirmed my absolute conviction in this: a French boxer can not stand against a fighter of jiu-jitsu. I am the first to encounter and prove: I commend tribute to the courage and value my opponent, but I must say that the only attack of his method has greatly facilitated my victory. A French boxer should take up jiujttsu ,. and it can compliment any catches of jujitsu. No doubt, always count with chance, a false step, and a lucky punch for example, but nine times out of ten I believe i could claim to be the winner. Besides those who blame de Dubois have left. ' - could do no better than him.

 know that it is more easy to cast criticism at Dubois than have courage to face me.

. I interrupted, you know Charlemont claimed that Dubois was not qualified to represent the French school?

? Yes, replied Regnier, I know. Also, ask Charlemont, who he believes better qualified than Dubois, and where and when he will meet me, and I will be his man.

I asked if I was allowed to repeat these words. Permission was granted to me fully, and. I use it.

And now conclude this meeting that has caused oceans of ink in all the sporting press? First, in my opinion, it should be said that the bluff cc) never served any cause; on the contrary, he has all lost or compromised.

Fine words, the boasting, bravado, covert provocations mean nothing. It takes experience and demonstrations before making a conclusion. Under the pretext that a French boxer was defeated by a stroke of jujitsu, do not conclude that the irrevocable collapse of French boxing. On the other hand, the masters of the French school have a duty to study other than disdain a method, old or young, must at least give their attention.

The French boxers claim that Jiujitsu only consists in use of the blows defended in the French boxing.

Unlike Greco-Roman wrestling. Regnier claims, on the contrary, the Jiujitsu is a special system, with specific rules and special tactics.

But to opinions that have such differences, there is only one thing to do: public demonstrations.

What does Mr. Regnier therefore calls us to experiences that connoisseurs and all people of good faith can appreciate.

I understand that it is. IV intent.

What is Fair today is to congratulate the professors . Dubois showed great courage, and was not content to criticize a method, but valiantly spoke with his actions.

I also congratulate Mr. Regnier well, but I think he was rewarded by lady luck


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The harder Ren-Nie trained, the luckier he got

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1905-11-26 Le Journal du dimanche

The Professor Ren-nie gives a lesson to the peacekeepers in a salon of the Police Headquarters.


Japanese Influence. ~ 'Jiu-Jitsu' in the Prefecture of 'Police

You have just seen on the front page, the lesson of jujitsu, the Professor Ren-nie is giving to the security officers in a room of the police headquarters. It was at the initiative of Mr. Mouquin that we owe this innovation.

Certainly Mr. Mouquin, who was a fan of boxing, will not abandon absolutely his first love, But he is obliged to bow to this new science, which comes from Japan and can allow a man to small and medium size, to master a colossus.

Jiu-jitsu is to administer to the adversary, by special holds, such pain that he must be forced to admit defeat. . If, for example, one- man of colossal force launches a punch, with which it would overwhelm you, you must seek, of course, first, to avoid; but at the same time, you try to grab the wrist of your opponent and twist it vigorously, having taken care to engage his elbow on the edge of your forearm, it makes a lever; and if you continue this movement you dislocate the elbow or shoulder of your opponent.

Mr. Mouquin having felt the benefits of jiu-jitsu, relayed them to Mr. Lépine, it was decided that six security agents would be initiated into its secrets by Professor Ren-nie ,when their education is complete, they will become instructors of their comrades and equalize their chances in fights against the Apaches ...

But for how long? Because you must Suppose that the Apaches will learn, too, jujitsu '.

The way of progress as usual,serves the villain as well as honest people.

1908-12-1 Le Culture Physique

Akitaro Ono, world champion of jiu-jitsu for some time, has arrived to participate in the Greco-Roman World Championship tournament.Ono is an unusual Japanese athlete. While of an average height of 1m. 70, He weighs 92 kilos, nothing but muscle and, measures 1m. 20 of chest, with a true bull neck, 47 cm round!

Born in Chifa (Japan),He is 28 years old. We knew that for some time, Ono had engaged in the Greco-Roman wrestling and in just a few months he has had made amazing progress. He performs particularly with surprising speed the hip and belt throws and bridges, and through the structure of his neck and powerful muscles of his back and loins, performs these absolutely crushing.

What will the Japanese champion do against all registered champions to take part in major international tournament the Casino de Paris?


A high quality photo of Miyake in Paris, circa 1914, sporting a pretty rough looking gi.

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1674. A few illustrations from the 1674 fight book by Nicolaes Petter mentioned by Charlemont & Leclerc in the article several post above ,


1906 Le Sports Modernes. Ren-Nie


1917-3-3 San Jose Evening News


1917-10-24 Evansville Press


1920-9-12 Atlanta Constitution

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1906. A few pages from Uyenishis "Textbook of Jujitsu as practised in Japan". This the 3rd edition with the title corrected




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1904-3-8 Boston Post.


1904-4-9 San Francisco Chronicle.


1904-8-23 Maitland Daily Mercury. Tani-Mania running wild!


1904-9-2 Daily Republican.


1905-2-17 Pittsburgh Daily Post. Hmmm

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George Dubois at 70 years of age, is believed to be the fencer in black at the end of the film.




1913 Comment se Defendre. George Dubois.  His recollections on the match with Ren-Nie. 


About Jiu-Jitsu.
It is easy to remember.
Jiu-Jitsu was spread we know in Paris by Professor Regnier, who for the occasion had vaguely Japanized his name which he styled Ren-Nie. I am pleased to recall that Regnier, a beautiful athlete of 65 kg, had before that a very legitimate reputation as a lightweight wrestler, besides winning the championship of his category. Another skill that he learned, going to London to study  catch as catch can, of which he was one of the first followers in France. Finally, He was the first under the direction of Myakie, Japan's extraordinary champion,and assimilated it better than any other Latin has assimilated Jiu-Jitsu.

At the time he started the sport in Paris, there was an outcry against this teacher.

Among the shields presented was mine, and I alone among all the protesters, ventured to fight in a kind of duel the protagonist of jiujitsu.

I say duel, because everything was permitted except biting, gouging out the eyes and groin strikes. So we could break a limb or strangle each other , and  not withstanding blows with the 'knife edge the hand' which are even more dangerous.
Regnier had as a problem to defeat me without being knocked out and control me by a terrible lock practiced by 'JiuJitsu.'

 I was defeated by one of them, the classic arm lock. Despite my desperate resistance, I had to give in, when not only the pain but also the creaking of my elbow joint warned me that I was hopelessly beaten (see Fig. 29).
Our struggle was relentless but fair, and we know all the courage of my opponent,

When I recalled that he dared subsequently to bring a challenge to the Russian colossus Pabdoubny, world champion Greco Roman.The giant weighed twice the weight of Regnier. Despite his extraordinary strength and skill, the little Frenchman was defeated. This defeat is a good example of Regnier, because never in my sporting career, I have met with such incredible audacity in a fighter.

First overall, I place the admirable athlete Ren-Nie in the pantheon of sports.
But the defeat always was for me an education. After my loss I worked Jiu-Jitsu seriously enough, to make similar skill as to that which brought my defeat.

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1905-12-8 La Vie au Grand Air. Higashi vs Tani


1906-1-7 St Louis Post Dispatch.  This was a wire article printed in 100's of papers


1906-1-12 Oamaru Mail


1906-2-27 Vancouver Daily World. Professor Ito was an old friend of the infamous Ad Santel



1906 courrier mensuel des colonies.  Miyaki could be distinguished by his distinctive walk.


Jiujitsu at the Bostock Hippodrome. We recently announced the possibility of a Miyaki-Padoubny match.Today it seems that Padoubny, the Russian giant, wants to back out. More confident than ever, Miyaki issued these terms,a new challenge to the Cossack, 'If Padoubny can resist defeat for only ten minutes, I will give him 10,000 francs!'


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If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Dubois (who you featured on pg. 1) one of the founders of British Bartitsu?
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Different guy, your thinking of Piere "Like A" Vigny

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I found this clip of Tani uploaded by Maxbjj, while looking for some footage of a couple 2 reeler melodramas Tani made in 1912-1913. Tani demonstrates the Kimura with the wrist pulled up into the armpit for a keylock slip.

Edit.  I think this is actually Kozuimi, Tani's partner in the Budokwai academy



1904-2-20 London Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News. Tani was actually in Britain before Uyenishi.


1905-3-27 St Louis Post Dispatch. The future great white hope says nope


1906-8-26 Chicago Daily Tribune. Strenuous Teddy busts some trust


1914-3-19 The Bioscope. I would see all these picture shows.


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1906-1-15 La Culture Physique. Tani,Miyaki and Uyenishi

Of evening at the Bostock Hippodrome,Yukio Tani is prepared to test himself against anyone present, F. De Baeder, editor of Sports, wanting to experience the value of jujitsu, met with the renowned jiu -jitsuan.

De Baeder was floored in seconds and declared defeat by tapping his hand on the mat.

Let those who are still skeptical about the effectiveness of the sport as a defense, go in themselves and  they will come back believers. The famous Miyaki, Whom we have already introduced to our readers, came to Bostocks to do some demonstrations of jujitsu with his friend Yukio Tani.

The two Jiu-Jitsuans were highly acclaimed by some and booed by others. Seeing this, Mr. Bostock  immediately announced he was holding 1,000 francs available to any brawlers and loudmouths if they wanted to get on the stage and last ten minutes with one of the two Japanese. Our friend Dr. Phelan joined 500 francs to 1,000 francs of Mr Bostock and a second offering was made to the loud mouths. By an extraordinary coincidence, the famous athletes were all millionaires and disdained to win 1,500 francs in minutes.

Not one of these valiant ever left their place; But they shrugged in their seats, shouted a sham 'and by their provocative attitude, everyone was convinced that they would make short work of the small Japanese. Alas! Disillusionment: great talk equaled little action.

Among the spectators who were on the scene was a member of the S.A.M., M. Lucien Delobel, a first class athlete who did not talk. but undressed and began to fight the small Tani: He resisted almost seven minutes and displayed superb courage; he put up an extraordinary resistance and did not concede even when Tani stopped the blood flow by pressure on the carotid artery, and Delobel fell unconscious. They revived the valiant amateur who came back to himself  quickly and was warmly congratulated by his friends and Mr Bostock. Asked by all, he said he had felt no pain and was delighted to meet with Tani.  At least, he said, I can talk about Ju-Jitsu, I fought, and I will send to Tani or Miyaki those who ridicule me. I will then take my stopwatch to count the number of minutes that they stand before the Japanese. All the S. A. M. surrounded Lucien and we believe that Tani will have opponents every night, because this courageous example being contagious, fans will want to try out the Jiu-jitsu. Bravo! S. A. M., and this eclectic sportsmen who wanted to realize a sport before talking and especially before criticizing it.  

J. Lefebvre.

1916-4-2 Moberly Monitor.


1920-12-22 N.Y Evening World



1921-1-9 Detroit Free Press



1971-2-27 Palm Springs Desert Sun. Direct student of Tani in 1971 Palm Springs, perhaps a secret sect of B(ritish)JJ survives there yet to this days, and if it doesn't, feel free to run with the idea if you have marketing experience.


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Dinners at the Palm Terrace Room starting at $23.35(2015)

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1904-7-8 Virginia Citizen. Not really jiujitsu, kind of a neat glance into the time period though, Teddy wasn't quite as popular during his time as now.


1904-12-22 Washington Times


1905-2-9 Wilkes Barre Times Leader.  Bossy still making the news


1906-1-3 West Australian.  Tani & Miyaki



1906-2-1 La Culture Physique Ren-Nie shows another frog eating kicker what it's like



Savate vs JiuJitsu

The Amateur Charigot
And The Professor Re ?-Nie

Saturday night there played,at the Japanese school of Jiu-Jitsu, a match of jiu-jitsuan against  Boxer, which featured the presence of M. Chariot, the well known amateur Boxer , and Mr. Re-nie, the jiu-jitsuan. No animosity, exists was between the two opponents, who have, during their friendly encounter, behaved in a perfect gentlemanly way, both with  courage and courtesy.  

M. Charigot had, some time ago, manifested his wish to meet with Mr. Re-Nie, to see especially if he could prevent himself from being thrown, because he doubted  that with his size, the jiu-jitsuan would immediately have the advantage. In front of a selected audience, Mr Charigot and Re-nie  make their entrance into the wonderful ring of Ponthieu.M Street.  Charigot, size medium, but built as Hercules, with a chest and huge legs, weighs 83 kilos. M.Re-Nie of smaller size and less than 60 kilos, seems almost frail in the front of his imposing opponent. Mr. Charigot had kept on the city boots and could hit with bare fists. Three rounds had been agreed upon.

First Round

 Competitors are observed and suddenly M.Rennie leaps, takes his opponent around the waist, dragging him to the ground and by passing the hands under the throat, lengthens the cervical vertebrae. M.Charigot cries out, conceding, and was thus defeated.  We won't expand greatly on the other two occasions, which were the quick repetitions and where Re-Nie triumphed by different locks, in a very short time and with the greatest ease. M.Charigot used a low kick and a punch which both conected. M.Charigot, enthusiastic, gave to Re-nie the promise to bring the good word to the Athletic community, and come if allowed him , a pupil of Jiu-jitsu. For our share, we don't know what takes our most admiration, the excellence of the Jiu - jitsu as a method of Self defense, or the courage, and science that  the two adversaries demonstrated and have become since their match two friends.


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1899-3-1 Pearson's Magazine



1905-4-15 Cardiff Times. Joe Carroll would later go to Federal pound me in the ass prison for fixing wrestling,boxing,horse and foot races.


1906-10-6 Rhondda Leader. £5484.00(2015) for staying 15 minutes



1913-5-10 Aberdare Leader

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1904-12-24 N.Y Evening World. Gotch looking for a NHB fight with World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Jim Jeffries.


1906-3-1 La Culture Physique.  1000 francs a night.



Tarro Miyake, the Champion of Champions of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, has just had an amazing time in Paris, being for a week engaged by the management of the Bostock Hippodrome, at the fabulous price of 1,000 francs a night. He easily floored all opponents who opposed him, both wrestlers and European jiu- jitsuans alike, two of which, the Englishman Sutherland, and the Irishman,Maclosky put up an honorable resistance of 3 or 4 minutes each, although both larger and heavier than the champion 'Jap.' As of the time of this writing, we are talking about a  perspective match between Miyake and Padoubny, the current world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, Padoubny on behalf of the Athletic Club of Saint-Petersburg, has hurled the defi to the Japanese, offering 25,000 francs to the winner of the fall.



1908-2-26 N.Y Evening World.  Teddy shows world champion wrestler Hackenschmidt some jiu jitsu




1912-1-17 Adelaide Daily Herald . The Miyake/Madden riot



1915-3-9 Bridgeport Evening Farmer.  A few of Miyakes later pro wrestling matches



1919-3-9 Boise Evening Capitol News

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1905-11-3 L'Illustration




Another victory of the Japanese!

The current fashion is undoubtedly the Japanese and, since the unexpected success these small people won in the far East against Russia, everything that touches on it has the gift to excite our interest. Therefore, in sporting circles, we discussed recently, not without some liveliness, the burning issue of JIU-jitsu. JIU-Jitsu (pronounced Jiujitss) is a mere bluff, as once claimed by most competent people? Or, on the contrary, the ideal system of individual defense, as proclaimed by the few insiders of this new art ? The debate, which had so far remained undecided, has finally been decided. This is at least what appears to be the result of the match played out in Courbevoie, on Thursday, October 23, by the Professor Re-nie, instructor of JIU-Jitsu at the school in the rue de Ponthieu, and master Dubois, representing the sports of french defence, which had launched a challenge to Re-nie.  

Master Dubois, who was once a sculptor not without talent, is both a dangerous swordsman, a formidable Boxer, and an athlete of weights and dumbbells of the first order: He is, in a Word, the real type of the athlete. Its size is lm, 68;  weight,75 kg. He was born in 1865.

Re-nie, who is just 36 years of age, measuring l m, 65 and weighing 63 kilos. He learned Jujitsu in London under the Japanese Masters Miyake and Kanaya. Although robust, he is significantly less vigorous than his opponent.  

This battle, where all moves were allowed, was to cease only when one of the antagonists would recognize their defeat. It was very quickly finished by the victory of the jiu-jitsuan. Here is a summary of record:

At the Command: go, the two adversaries move quickly towards the other, stop at about 2 meters and wait three or four seconds. On a feint of Re-nie, Dubois throws the right low kick which Re-nie dodges. Dubois  then, with the same side,launches a side kick. but at the same time, with a expert timeliness, Re-nie followed with a leap like a cat and captures Dubois to tackle. Dubois tries a move of hip: Re-nie, anticipating this movement has moved to the right of his opponent,and supporting the right hand on the abdomen of the latter, while he compresses the back with the left hand and sends his knee into the right thigh. Dubois switches and falls on the shoulder blades heavily;  nevertheless Re-nie stayed connected,and taking the throat that allows him to him grab Dubois right wrist. Re-nie tips immediately on his back to the left of Dubois, passes his left leg across the throat,  now with his two hands pulling the arm on his abdomen, below the elbow , the arm is secured between his two legs (1). A strong pressure on the wrist of Dubois, threatens to dismantle his arm at the elbow,which is cantilevered. Dubois resists for a second, then requests grace.  

The fight lasted just 26 seconds, including 6 seconds only of actual fighting.

Things have happened exactly as they would be passed in a meeting not premeditated. The two adversaries were in proper attire, with ordinary shoes. Georges Dubois had even kept his hat and gloves on. The soil, covered with gravel, was only a little less hard than it would have been the macadam or asphalt. Finally the game was played outdoors, on the terrace of the new building of settlements of Vedrine.

The result was in perfect clarity. The representative of the French method could not stand before the representative of JIU-jitsu.  

We think that an event with the result of this kind was not allowed without protest by the English or French boxing fans. To hear them, afterwards master Dubois was not qualified to represent defence sports, he has specifically a teaching business. We will not seek to discuss this approach; it is a laughing matter to say that JIU-Jitsu, already officially practiced by the students of West-Point (the American Saint-Cyr), policemen in New York and London, etc.,and on the initiative of Mr. Lépine,will be taught from next week to safety inspectors and officers of the brigade of safety is not good. The ultra-fast defeat of a very strong athlete and very skilled by a man whose physical means were visibly much lower than his own, and which is also much more an instructor than a veteran fighter, showed to the prefect of police the interest that presents Jiu-Jitsu as a means of defence.  

The word of this sport as one of rogues has been bandied about the Courbevoie match and JIU-Jitsu in general . This term, already excessive in the mouth of those who condemn as too brutal boxing. And somewhat ready to laugh when it is pronounced by the followers of boxing, English or French, that it is much more elegant to crush by a punch to the nose of an opponent than to defeat by a skillful twist of arm to force submission? Nothing is less certain. We'd even willingly share the opinion of two senior artillery officers who come to publish at Berger-Levrault a translation of the book by Mr Irving Hancock on JIU-Jitsu and who consider the sport as an extremely interesting art, a 'true fencing as captivating as the sword.  

Is this to say that should abandon our old French boxing, or even the classic fight so dear to our people? In no way. If Jiu-Jitsu seems decidedly higher in the point of view of personal defense, boxing and the old fight are not less than excellent sports for the development of the fitness, force and courage. The jiu-jitsuan himself cannot completely ignore boxing; he must, in fact, know the means of action of the Boxer, following the dedicated expression, return in the latter whose tactics is to keep distance.  

Add finally that JIU-Jitsu is not, as is generally believed on the basis of misinformation also only incomplete, a collection of combat tricks: this is actually a very original and very comprehensive fitness and workout method that begins with the child's education, to continue the teenager and man hood, without losing sight of the physical education of women. These are largely the teachings of JIU-Jitsu which gave to Japanese troops their wonderful endurance and their admirable sobriety, and so to speak, without being accused of exaggeration, that the JIU-Jitsu has had its share in the triumph, if disturbing for Europeans, of the yellow race in far East

 L. Sauveroche.  


1907-12-5 S.F Call.  My favorite nut, Capt McLaglen


1916- 2-29 N.Y Evening World. Miyake


1918-6-14 Wilmington Morning Star.  Ozaka's last stand

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1905-4-1 N.Y Athletic Club Journal. Count Koma has his hands full at the NYAC, 



1905-5-1 American gymnasia and athletic record.  Jiudo, the perfected jiu jitsu


1905-6-1 N.Y Athletic Club Journal. 



1905-7-1 American gymnasia and athletic record.  Edwardian dogrel


1905-9-1 Travel.  Yabe made a fortune off his "vital touch"

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1905-12-15 T.P's Weekly. One of my favorite articles. Bennett was a prominent British author and journalist who attended the Tani vs Higashi match in Paris that ended in a riot. Apparently, cigarettes and beer is a common Japanese training diet.


1905-3-1 Pearson's Magazine


1905-3-24 Wetmore's Weekly. Ouch!


1905-11-17 T.P's Weekly. The French trying to spin the dubois loss, Charlemont defeated British boxer Jimmy Driscoll via nut kick.


1905-12-1 The Outing.  Higashi attaching himself to Tani for publicity.

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1905-1-21 Wilkes Barre Times Leader



1905-1-26  St Louis Post Dispatch


1905-3-31 Pulaski County Democrat


1906-6-16 Sydney Morning Herald


1906 The Game of Jiu Jitsu. Tani with Miyake rocking a white belt

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1904-1-29 London Daily Express.  Tani with his famous flying scissors


1904-5-22 Indianapolis Journal.  jiujutsu


1905-2-25 The Summary,


1906-3-15 La Culture Physique. boxing in Siam and no one takes up Miyakes challenge


As we had predicted, Miyake completed His commitment at the Bostock hippodrome and left Paris without any of the famous wrestlers and athletes to which He had launched a challenge supported by 25,000 francs obliging. Padoubny himself, the world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, after agreeing on conditions for a possible match with Miyake,coming to the conclusion that He would probably have nothing to do against the terrible representative of JIU-jitsu, reneged. Had the challenge of Myakie been accepted, we believe that despite his skill and extraordinary strength, Padoubny would have been defeated as the other opponents of the Japanese, and in less than the proposed minutes.

J. Lefevre. 


1907-1-15 La Culture Physique. Re-nie's academy must have been doing pretty well to afford half page ads.

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1906-2-9 Cardiff Evening Express.  Miyake taking on all comers


1907-7-26 Cardiff Evening Express.


1921-5-1 Popular Science


1922-11-9 Sacramento Union.  Miyake still plugging along


1927-1-17 Dunstan Times.  Tani attempting a comeback at 42 years of age

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1905-3-22 Topeka State Journal


1905-3-31 Rock Island Argus


1905-8-30 Newport News Daily Press.  Big news picked up by th A.P.  Kizumi(sp?) was a judoka teaching in Ashville with Ono. Ono would defeat "Big" Tom Frisbee later, then lose a NHB match against Olsen. Beale must have been hell on wheels, he defeated Kizumi in the rematch also


1905-11-23 La Presse


As every night, Higashi, the champion, defeated easily yesterday, at  Bostock Hippodrome, the three wrestlers who were opposed to him and one of them was none other than the champion Dutch van Rothen. But before a uncharacteristic scene had occurred which is worth telling, another jiu-jitsuan, Yuko Tani, jumped up during the ring introduction, whereas a sportsman explained in french, that Yuko Tani launched a challenge to Higashi. Higashi appeared surprised not at all. He approached the speaker and told him he placed through the English press, a challenge to Yuko Tani and Miyake: that neither one nor the other  had replied, and that he was astonished, that, Yuko Tani had changed his mind today, but, nevertheless, he was ready to fight with him, either - next Saturday or Saturday following.  

A number of spectators demanded that the meeting would take place then, but Mr Bostock himself announced that he wished that all the guarantees of sincerity ' were taken. As a result, the two Japanese antagonists met this afternoon at four o'clock, assisted by their seconds. to establish the rules of the game '-which will take place likely Saturday night.

The Match of Re-nie  vs Aimaihou  

Re-nie has returned from Ghent where he triumphed over three champions opposed to his Jiu-Jitsu,and has began training for his match with the Negro Amathou. We know one fact that he will meet with the terrible Senegalese on the night of November 30/ December 1, at an hour in the early morning, in the room of the bal Tabarin, specially rented for this fight. We understand that this has stirred many in the world of wrestling, around the meeting with the Canadian and that two other challenges will be brought to Re-nie by two professionals.  


1907-2-7 Cardiff Evening Express