David Jacobs' BJJGround Gentleman Jim Corbett vs Kan Inoue 1900-11-7

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1911-7-22 Auckland Star. A few more accounts of Shima vs Howard.


1911-7-26 Poverty Bay Herald.  Rising like a phoenix from Arizona



1913-8-20 Bay of Plenty Times. Shima defeats Pemberton


1913-9-16 Northern Advocate. Mdlle Sadie, the Elaine Benes lookalike



1913-12-10 Waikato Argus.

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1913-12-12 Waikato Argus.  Shima vs Agent Cooper.


1914-1-6 Northern Advocate. More from the music hall circuit.


1914-1-7 Northern Advocate. Shima vs Mahunga


1914-2-9 Bay of Plenty Times.


1914-4-22 Southland Times. Shima downs Hill

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1909-6-29 Nelson Colonist.  Shima defeats "Sandow"


1911-6-27 Southland Times.  Shima vs McMurdo


1912-1-22 Waikato Argus.  Professor Stevenson gunning for Jack Johnson or "The Boston Tar Baby" Sam Langford


1912-4-17 Evening Post. A listing of Prof Shima's 1909 record and the British have had about enough of suffragettes


1912-5-4 Barrier Miner.  More Stevenson

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1913-4-14 Northern Advocate.  Shima packing the house.


1913-4-15 Northern Advocate.


1913-4-29 Thames Star.    Shima defeats wrestler Lucas and agrees to meet boxer Gray


1913-5-31 New Zealand Truth.   Kameda challenges any boxer in New Zealand.


1913-8-15 Bay of Plenty Times.

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1913-8-22 Te Puke Times. Shima taps out Ashton


1913-9-4 Grey River Argus.


1913-9-17 Northern Advocate.  Shima over Mr Boxer


1915-7-21 Sydney Referee.


1915-10-29 Hawera & Normandy Star.  Shima joins the AEF

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1935-10-3 The Gettysburgian.


1936-8-7 Auckland Evening Post. Shima seems to have made it through WW1


1947-2-1 boys life copy. This is what the scouts used to do. The 1/4 nelson with the chin strap is brutal.


1949-2-3 Carnarvon Northern Times.

1957-3-7 Reading Eagle.  The French goverment bgins accrediting martial art instructors.

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1901-4-11 Christchurch Star.   Bartitsu, perfect for combat against everyone from an ordinary hooligan to Italian knife dueler.


1904-1-29 L.A Herald.


1905-1-22 Pittsburgh Press.


1905-3-25 The Jefferson Jimplecute.  Wonder who the dipsomaniac was, Yabe, Higashi, Maeda,Tomita? My bet is O'Brien. The populist W.J Bryan having no end of press trouble.


1905-4-6 NY Times.  Tomita will tumble for you.

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1905-3-5 Saint Paul Globe


1905-11-19 San Francisco Call. Re-Nie readies the gendarmes to battle Apaches


1905-12-17 L.A Herald


1906-4-11 Dennison Daily Herald.


1907-7-26 Sacramento Union. The Sons of Senegambia even the score for the hotel incident

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1905-4-8 NY Times.


1905-6-6 Vancouver Daily World


1909-4-10 Oakland Tribune


1909-11-6 NY Clipper.


1911-11-14 Brisbane Telegraph

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1904-11-26 Morning Oregonian.  Jiu Jitsu arrives in Oregon


1904-12-25 Sunday Oregonian


1905-2-12 Sunday Oregonian


1910-6-19 Sunday Oregonian


1910-6-26 Sunday Oregonian.  Togo relegated to pulling guard in the NHB match stopped by the popo.

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1910-6-22 Morning Oregonian.  Advert for match above, and Lanky Bob 100% wrong.


1904-12-29 Morning Oregonian. Soldier Thompson vs Generalisimo Nil sounds like a barn burner.


1905-1-1 Sunday Oregonian. Decides to homestead awhile.


1905-2-2 Oregon Daily Journal. Drunken fratboy flying head scissors the popo FTW!


1907-5-15 Morning Oregonian.


1910-2-2 Morning Oregonian.  The "haba haba man" is the stuff nightmares are made of and O'Connell vs Matty Matsuda

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1914-12-30 Klamath Evening Herald.


1919-4-2 Ogden Standard.


1921-2-4 Capitol Daily Journal.


1922-3-9 Morning Oregonian.



1922-3-12 Sunday Oregonian

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1905-3-5 Salt Lake Tribune. Regarding the Fast Eddie Robinson vs jiu jitsu match


1905-3-9 Salt Lake Herald.



1905-6-7 Richmond Times-Dispatch


1906-4-8 Minneapolis Journal. $25(1906) = $665(2015)


1906-7-3 Spokane Press.  Interesting new style of  French fighting that would be reinvented in Japan during the 1980's and called shootboxing.

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1909-11-6 Seattle Star.


1909-11-15 Seattle Star. This match unfortunately didn't happen. $2000(1909)=$53,226(2015)


1914-4-14 Topeka State Journal. This is the best picture of Young Togo I've came across so far.


1914-4-16 Topeka State Journal


1914-4-18 Topeka State Journal

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1909-9-3 Tacoma Times. Ito downs Robinson


1909-11-12 Seattle Star. And Braun. Boxer Bill Papke lost a NHB match to the infamous Farmer Burns when he still occupied the flesh.


1910-3-17 Seattle Star.


1912-3-25 NY Evening World. Take that,you cad!


1912-8-19 Seattle Star.

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1905-2-17 St Johns Evening Telegram.


1905-3-10 Iron County Record. Lots of interesting tidbits


1905-10-20 Walla Walla Evening Stateman.  Speaking of Tidbits, I dedicate this clipping to the memory of Fraser.


1907-8-21 Spokane Press. A NHB draw in Berlin


1909-5-27 Evening Star. Another of Professor Stevensons wild NHB matches down under.

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1910-11-8 Ogden Evening Standard. Yokoyama from Harvard









1914-11-21 NY Evening World

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unfortunately, i don't speak Portuguese. Anyone? I didn't see the resuts of this match in the first choque book.


1930-1-4 Sao Paulo Night Sheet. Can Carlos defeat the powerful Omori? The Omori vs Carlos Gracie was postponed several times before coming to fruition on the 20th


1930-1-5 . match rescheduled, Omori to face Carlos, the most dangerous opponent found in brazil






1930-1-20. Omori completely dominated by Carlos, George "the ginger cat" fights boxer tooms

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Carlos seems to be quite more of a badass than we've been led to believe

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Marsman was kind enough to translate the George vs boxer tooms.



The fight is anticipated with true interest. Toom enters with gloves and
(wearing) a gi, Gracie has no gi and is barefoot. Two are the judges. One
for boxing and the other for Jiu-Jitsu. Virgolino de Oliveira was the
judge for boxing. When the signal is given, Toon advances and waits for the
second signal, as it is customary for boxing. But "Jorge", who is on his
right side, launches himself against the boxer, dominating him and throwing
him to the ground.

Toom, during the three minutes, held desperately the arms of the young fighter,
to stop him from effecting a "lock".

On the second round, Toom accepts the confront, to lose right after due to a
"neck move" [the term "golpe" is very ambiguous in this context, it can either
mean a choke or a strike]. There's people that complain against the fighter,
claiming that he held the boxer by the neck, but Virgolino, very alert to the
situation, declares that statement as false. "Jorge" clearly won.


Omori and Gracie climb the platform, now without a mat or ropes. Invited, Mr.
Octavio Rodrigues accepts being the referee.

The 25 minutes of the fight were exciting in several phases. The great attendance
cheered with enthusiasm, watching on their feet, the moves...

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1905-2-1 Seattle Star. LOL @ Bridget


1907-2-13 Teesdale Mercury. The first I've seen of Professor Soyer


1907-4-16 Spokane Press


1907-12-16 Richmond Times-Dispatch


1918-5-4 Topeka State Journal. lol

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1905-2-23 San Francisco Call.



1905-2-25 Salt Lake Tribune



1905-4-1 Milford Times. Not sure if Higashi or Hako.  Hako definitely lost to a Baltimore Policeman, Higashi was the one challenging Jeffries.



1905-9-23 NY World. Higashi stunts.



1905-12-8 La Vie au Grand Air.  Miyake with a few throws

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1905-3-14 N.Y Times.  He dun goofed.


1905-4-8 .  Higashis side of the match


1913-4-20 .  Ludeck did the 1923 book "The Science of Wrestling and Art of Jiu Jitsu" with Earle Liederman


1935-8-15 Brooklyn Daily Eagle. I wonder what his lineage was?

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1905-3-3 Cedar Rapids Gazette. This illustrates that we live in an almost completely different world now.


1905-3-19 Cedar Rapids Republican. Don't think Tani made the American tour mentioned


1906-1-28 Des Moines Daily News. Even Des Moines has a jiu jitsu professor.


1907-1-7 Des Moines Daily News. LOL


1926-1-12 Cedar Rapids Republican. The infamous "Toots" Mondt pro wrasslin Miyake

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1905-2-17 Leadville Daily Herald.


1909-2-11 Des Moines Daily News. Capt McLaglen used the last names of two famous jiu jitsu guys, yukio TANI and matty MATSUDA for his "opponent" in an attempt to confuse the yokels into thinking he has defeated the real Tani.


1909-12-29 Journal De Geneve. Cherpillod, formerly of the Bartitsu Institute


Remember, it is this Wednesday night that there will be held at the Apollo Theatre, a sensational wrestling
match between Cherpillod and Antonitch, the giant champion of Austria (Vienna 1909). The match will take place around ten o'clock. Tomorrow, Thursday, also at ten, the winner of this match will meet at the Apollo with Robert Soyer, the world champion of jiu-jitsu. The Apollo, headed by Mr. Lansac, offers, as we know, two purses of a thousand francs each to the winners.


 1921-8-24 Ft Collins Courier .  Miyake to throw two wrestlers.


1941-6-27 Clewiston News. short shorts