David Jacobs' BJJGround Gym owners- software/systems for tuition

1/12/18 11:23 PM
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What programs or systems do you use for membership tracking and management as well as that for tuition collection.   Positives and negatives in your experience appreciated.  Thanks. 

1/13/18 2:02 AM
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Zen planner 

1/13/18 7:20 AM
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Also Zen Planner

1/13/18 1:29 PM
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1/13/18 10:47 PM
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Using ClubReady which is used by UFC.  They're awful.  They charge $200/month just for the service, then they charge 1% of your tution fees.  In the end, they're making around $500-600 and they're not even providing merchant services.  If we wanted their merchant service provider, we would pay an extra 3% on top of that.  


Now the CRM is basic.  It's not amazin, nor should it be.  But their servers are always down and its embarassing to try and input customer information when the server is crashing.  It makes you look completely unprofessional.  We're a small gym with 150 members.  Imagine, taking $500-600 from us but refusing it to reinvest it into your infrastructure.  We've been with them for over 3 years and there hasn't been one feature added to the system.  

Those are troubling signs.  I would advise you to stay away from them.

1/13/18 11:50 PM
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I use a program called GymMaster. It does all the above mentioned and also key fob door access for $100 a month. I’ve never looked into Zen. I’ll have to check it out. 

1/14/18 9:35 AM
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I tried a few back in the day, and the one I liked best was Mindbody.  The gym where I've been teaching lately uses Zen Planner.

Overall, I've never been completely in love with one of these softwares.  What features do you guys look for?