2/12/18 3:37 AM
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Dumbest idea ever or am I completely missing something?

2/12/18 7:51 AM
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He will laugh all the way to the bank, that jasper could sell magic beans.

Edited: 2/12/18 1:49 PM
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Looks like a good idea unless you have to carry something then you look like a dumbass with two backpacks on.

2/12/18 5:31 PM
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Bought one for my wife for Xmas. She likes it but only uses the backpack now and then. Works great when you want it though. The hoodie itself is really comfortable and great quality. 

2/12/18 8:11 PM
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If you're using it as a backpack what do you do with the stuff inside when you want to put it on?

If you're wearing it, why would you later need to put something in it and if you do, won't you be cold for the rest of the evening?
2/12/18 8:39 PM
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If he did an infomercial he would make a killing. 

2/12/18 10:28 PM
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He could likely kill it on Shark Tank...compelling back story, Rener's sales ability...would be a great fit.