Revgear League BJJGround How awesome is this self defense video

9/4/13 8:59 PM
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This is so real life.

If a blue namer could, I'm retarded Phone Post 3.0
9/4/13 9:15 PM
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Is that security camera footage?
9/4/13 9:40 PM
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The protagonist could've used a cape and a cowl.
9/4/13 10:05 PM
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shen - Is that security camera footage?
I believe it's cell phone footage Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 4:11 AM
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The soundtrack needs to be considered for a Grammy. Let me make some calls.

9/5/13 5:00 AM
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shit is real dog.  so real.

9/5/13 6:17 AM
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Oh man...where can I buy that company's no-doubt awesome merchandise?
9/5/13 6:19 AM
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Update: have found it -

'KNOCKEM OR LOCKEM is only for the fierce and competitive.'

Good to see a MMA company that markets to the gay community: I knew these guys had a fresh perspective on things.
9/5/13 3:09 PM
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Fuck em and suck em? Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 3:39 PM
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I get the Knockem part.

I'm taking a guess that the Lockem part occurs after the video stops, when the cops make a u-turn after being called by the guy that split. Cops roll up and see two dudes jacked... one probably comatose after taking repeated shots to the head while unconscious on cement... then see the fierce and competitive individual walking away with a stolen gun carried unholstered IWB with a wad of cash.
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I have a problem some of you guys may share...

I can't seem to find casual clothes that are extreme enough anymore. But this company's vibe is PERFECT for me! As a consumer, I demand that my medium-quality, Pakistani sweatshop made garments scream, "I WILL KILL YOU!" to anyone I pass on the street.

So let's PLEASE keep this bad-ass label to ourselves and only let it only be worm by complete and total ass kickers!

BTW, if you have any doubt, as to my street cred, I once socked a stranger in the jaw JUST for looking at me wrong. Real talk. If I'll do that to a 13-year old Korean girl, you KNOW I don't give a F@ck when I'm out there on those streets!
9/5/13 10:12 PM
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9/5/13 11:59 PM
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Nice to see someone still using a Casio keyboard Phone Post
9/6/13 12:04 AM
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checkuroil - Fuck em and suck em? Phone Post 3.0

Legit LOL
9/6/13 3:00 AM
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The best part was the distinct sound of plastic hitting concrete when the "gun" was taken away.
9/6/13 8:29 AM
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Carlos Condit should stick to MMA and give up on his life of crime.

Or learn knee on belly defence.
9/6/13 10:06 AM
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Also that wasn't a plastic gun it was a ceramic glock
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Y'all got jokes, huh...?!??!

Let me tell ya... That sh!t was filmed in an area of Los Angeles where white-on-white middle class street crime is an epidemic. Ain't no joke.

Only joke is how fast you get you killed on them streets by some other white dude in a hoodie, les you knockem or lockem!

So many ceramic Glocks be lyin' in tha streets, kids call 'em "gutter bricks"... They use them to play hopscotch.