Revgear League BJJGround Is Five Grappling a Good Tournament?

8/7/14 3:03 PM
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I'm considering taking a bunch of students to compete on September 21st.  I've never attended a Five Grappling event before.  I did hear from some people that weigh ins were really bad at their last SoCal event.  I'd like to get honest feedback about the tournament from competitors and coaches on this thread.  The thread is not meant to disparage the event, but gather honest review from past attendees.


My biggest concerns about tournaments

  1. Organization.  Is it run on time?  Are the weigh ins run on time?  Do matches begin on time?  How much lag is there?  
  2. Refs:  Are the refs trained properly?  Im always cautious of any tournament that uses Purples or below to ref matches.  
  3. Price/Medals:  Are the prizes worth the entry fee?  Some tournaments charge $40 entry and give out $0.50 medals to competitors.  
8/8/14 1:36 AM
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8/9/14 4:24 PM
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Still pretty new. Got canceled here in Phoenix so they payed for our entry into ibjjf in Vegas (here right now). Good people, not anywhere near enough marketing. Good rule set. Sorry not much help. Phone Post 3.0
8/9/14 4:24 PM
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Ttt Phone Post 3.0
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