David Jacobs' BJJGround Keenan getting his BB before world jiu jitsu expo

9/4/13 10:55 PM
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He had a super fight with Lucas Leite but the article says Keenan is finally getting his black belt before the event. Phone Post
9/4/13 11:05 PM
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What article?? Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 12:02 AM
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Sorry I guess that would help lol....

http://www.graciemag.com/2013/09/world-jiu-jitsu-expo-keenan-vs-lucas-leite-in-no-gi-match/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=world-jiu-jitsu-expo-keenan-vs-lucas-leite-in-no-gi-match Phone Post
9/5/13 2:21 AM
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Keenan is dating Lucas' student/possible old fling. Should be interesting....

Battle for her honor. Phone Post
9/5/13 2:54 AM
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verrry interesting

9/5/13 9:39 AM
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I'd still give it to Lucas. Too much experience and too many wins against big name black belts. Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 11:24 AM
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good for him, I am really looking forward to see how he does at that level.

9/5/13 1:16 PM
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Way to go Gracie Mag for letting the cat out of the bag.
Edited: 9/5/13 1:33 PM
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^ i agree.

unnecessary and dick-ish.

about what I've come to expect from the Atalla family.

9/5/13 2:40 PM
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Was it a really a huge secret that Keenan was going to get his BB any day now. I'm no longer a supporter of rapie mag either, but this isn't obviously a hush hush type of situation. Phone Post
9/5/13 3:06 PM
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Gracie mag sucks anyway...I bought a 2 year subscription and was disappointed

Then I bought a jiu jitsu magazine-wow,difference is night and day quality-wise Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 3:17 PM
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Amateur journalism at best Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 3:47 PM
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Revolting Blob - Keenan is dating Lucas' student/possible old fling. Should be interesting....

Battle for her honor. Phone Post
Cue Peter cetera music Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 5:23 PM
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Not sure if he's ready for black belt.
9/5/13 8:55 PM
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I'm sure as soon as he gets submitted ,Luca's brother will have a FB comment about how Keenan doesn't deserve his BB, and Luca will run an article about how he'd really be a BB by now if he'd stayed with TooLimp.

9/5/13 10:04 PM
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Limp's rape-stick is a hell of a motivational tool.