Revgear League BJJGround Marcelo Garcia's twins?

10/17/13 10:47 AM
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A week or two ago Jacare posted on facebook asking for prayers because Macelo and his wife had their twins at 24 weeks. I know this is early even for twins. I'm hoping everything is ok. I know it's a personal matter but does anyone have any info?
10/17/13 11:24 AM
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Jesus that's early. I hope they make it. Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 11:41 AM
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Olivia and Joey Tognini Garcia were born on October 9, 2013. Olivia at 1 lbs 4 ounces and Joey at 1 lbs 9 ounces.

The twins are fighting hard and Tatiana has posted on Facebook to keep all of them in our thoughts and prayers.
10/17/13 12:49 PM
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Best of luck Phone Post
10/17/13 1:43 PM
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Prayers sent.

God bless and aloha
10/17/13 2:12 PM
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Best of luck to them, sending them good vibes.
10/17/13 2:44 PM
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Not religious but just prayed anyway. Ttt for support for the Garcia babies! Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 3:00 PM
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As a single dad (split custody) of 3 kids, I have complained numerous times to Marcelo and his wife about my kids driving me crazy.

Now, I feel like such an asshole, and it really puts parenting and life in perspective.
10/17/13 3:25 PM
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Best of luck to them. Good thing they made it to week 24 which I guess is considered first week when there is lot more hope.

My first kid came couple months early and felt so small even though 3lbs. Modern medicine is great though as some on the ER were lot smaller and still could survive. Phone Post
10/17/13 3:53 PM
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My wife and I did fertility treatment in order to have our first child, and she's now pregnant with our second. Through that my wife met and became friends with a lot of other woman going through the same thing. Several ended up pregnant with multiples and I know a few who didn't make it to birth, and some that didn't make it much past birth. But I do know multiple multiples that were born at 24 weeks that were all in that weight range that are all now doing great.

My son was small and had to spend a few days in the NICU when he was born. I remember going to there to see him and he looked so giant compared to the other babies in there. The nurses joked that his dirty diapers weighed more than some of the other babies. Anyway these doctors and nurses work miracles and I'm sure their twins are in great hands. I'm glad they are doing ok and they will be in my thoughts.
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double post...
10/17/13 7:17 PM
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Best of luck to Marcelo and his family. Phone Post
10/17/13 8:25 PM
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Prayers sent! One of the nicest guys in bjj Phone Post
10/17/13 10:19 PM
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10/17/13 10:23 PM
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Best wishes to MG and his family.
10/17/13 10:34 PM
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Sending good vibes!!! Phone Post 3.0
10/17/13 11:05 PM
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That's terrible, best wishes to Marcelo and his family Phone Post 3.0
10/18/13 12:12 AM
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Prayers sent, they we're born fighters so I'll be rooting for them Phone Post 3.0
10/18/13 3:29 AM
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Prayers go to Marcelo and his family. My daughter was born early at 4lbs 1oz. Had to stay in the hospital for 5 weeks. I was a wreck the whole time. Less than 2lbs....I cant even imagine that. Phone Post
10/18/13 6:10 AM
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jesus christ that's early... positive vibes sent to marcelo!
10/18/13 6:22 PM
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This guy has enough good juju built up that his kids deserve to be very healthy, wish all the best Phone Post
10/18/13 8:49 PM
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Best wishes MG Phone Post 3.0
10/19/13 11:35 AM
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Best wishes to the Garcias. 

10/19/13 11:36 AM
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Thoughts go out to them, he's such a nice person

10/19/13 3:27 PM
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Ryan Shank - 

Thoughts go out to them, he's such a nice person

Yes! And to think- as unbelievably nice as Marcelo is, Tatiana is even more so. She really is an amazing person!