Revgear League BJJGround McMinnville Jiu Jitsu, in TN.

4/19/17 9:57 PM
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Anyone been there or train there? Heading to McMinnville, Tennessee for an extended weekend and thought I'd attempt to get some training in. 

Head instructor is Robin Clark

Online appearances make it seem like a nice enough school. However I will most likely only have Saturday open to train. I looked at their Sat. schedule and it says:

Black Belt Club 9:30-10:30am

Adult BJJ Beginners 10:30-11:30am

Sparring Class 11:30-12:00pm


My only concern is that I am not a black belt,(I'm purple), nor a beginner, so will I be able to drop in and train on Saturday at all?


I plan on calling tomorrow and asking about their Saturday classes and that will probably answer my questions, but I thought I'd ask the mighty BJJ ground and see if anyone's been there because that seems like more fun.