Revgear League BJJGround Need Portuguese translation on this chat session

5/19/17 3:20 PM
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Just the gist of it would be great to know what they were talking about. 4 great champs here shooting the shit.
5/20/17 3:50 PM
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5/21/17 10:39 AM
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I'll try to take a look at it tomorrow
5/21/17 12:18 PM
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Funny stories about training. No top secret knowledge being shared. I'm sure MarsMan will break it down for you.
5/22/17 2:53 PM
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Typed this pretty quickly so there might be some mistakes, but there you go:


- Lucas says Buchecha would wake up not feeling like training...he'd then check Tatame's website, see Rodolfo training and then go "Lucas, Lucas, c'mon, let's train!"

- Rodolfo says "I'd see whoever training and not give a damn. Then I saw him [Buchecha] training I went - Fuck!"..."I had never done deadlifts, then I saw a vid of him training, put 600Kgs on each side and said -Haaa...wait up!" (does air deadlifts)

- Lucas and Barral joke that it's the same thing with Barral and Galvao.

- Buchecha comments on how he was "fucked" (dead tired) on the last mundial right before he competed against Rodolfo: "I'd look at him and see him laying down, so I laid down as well, but he would also furtively look at me, so when I started doing jumping jacks I looked at Rodolfo and there he was doing jumping jacks"...Buchecha comments that he would do no more not less than anything Rodolfo did so he wouldn't get (even more)  tired.

- Rodolfo says that they get paranoid (during a tournament), and that Buchecha would have make a mean face - that he would go to shake his hand and Buchecha would mean mug him and he'd think " he pissed at me for some reason???"

- Lucas comments that Buchecha fought everyone at that particular tournament and remembers Finfou shouting "Go Lion! Go Lion!"

- Buchecha says something to the gist that that was a hard one because he knew he'd have to fight everyone and he'd look around and "everyone was there" (probably meaning every top competitor).

- Rodolfo says someone would tell him to "spare himself" (meaning not going full speed on matches") and he would think "Fuck sparing! Are you crazy? People are coming here prepared for the Worlds!"

- Buchecha then says he did that on his fight against Trans, because he thought he was winning - but they were tied and in the end it was a tie.

- Lucas says that with Buchecha you never know what's going on..that with Rodolfo you can kinda tell from the begining, but with Buchecha: "He does a crying face...when he looks like he's about to cry he is gonna explode...the other guys laugh and agree.

- Rodolfo says that Buchecha did that when he passed his guard in 2012 (meaning Buchecha looked like he was about to cry) and Buchecha protests saying something like "It wasn't like that" - that he was "stupid as fuck" because he attempted a calf crunch on Rodolfo ("like he was going to tap to that") and when it didn't work he was all "oh shit", then he ended up being leg dragged.

- Buchecha says that at that moment he looked at Cavaca who was in despair, but that he had already told Finfou: "Brother, I know he is going to pass, I came here only to train positions!" - He says he then looked at Cavaca and Leozinho in dispair and said (with a gesture) "Calm down, calm down - like, I'm not dead yet, I'm not going to give up".

- Rodolfo then says he didn't see that during the fight or he would've slapped Buchecha (obviously joking).

- Lucas says that Barral gets more nervous watching Buchecha fight than whe he himself figths.

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Thanks Marsman!!!


Too bad the Youtube translate feature doesn't work worth a damn

5/22/17 6:30 PM
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Judge Mental - 




Thanks Marsman!!!


Too bad the Youtube translate feature doesn't work worth a damn

That was a bad video for automated of the audio were bad, or they were speaking over eachother, or they used slang...

Cool vid, nonetheless