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4/19/17 5:38 PM
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I seen Rickson using this pass on his full seminar video so I thought it would be worth posting this video pass starts around 6:40


4/25/17 7:25 AM
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4/25/17 9:38 AM
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I don't trust that punching to the jaw is a poor option because there is no "whiplash effect" and that you should default to looping punches. The ground being behind your head isn't going to save you... And that guard pass seems like an invitation for guard recovery, whether by hip escaping and recomposing, inverting, or more than likely, framing off the tricep and sitting up.

4/25/17 1:51 PM
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I wouldn't strike like that, I would mostly use the type of striking I learned from Relson for his VT. I say mostly, because sometimes I would also switch to other strikes from my other training.


As for passing....I have similar method that is a blend of what I learned from Relson and Saulo. The fininsh of the pass is usually very different.....and painful :p Is ometime use this pass in just grappling when circumstances present themselves and my arthritic hip is feeling good.


I wouldn't label this "MMA/Street".....MMA sure, but street you don't need to pass (you either cause damage and/or seek to escape) and can use very different striking methods to do damage.

4/26/17 2:22 PM
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Awesome guys would be great to see a video of your version of the closed guard pass