8/26/13 9:28 PM
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just wanted to get a sense of how common this level of visual impairment is in regards to the bjj/martial arts/mma community.

i have pretty crappy eyes(i get ssi for being blind) i think my vision is at least 20/1000 and my eyeglass(just makes objects a bit less blurry and give me migraines to wear them a lot) prescription rx is like "-20.00" for both the left and right eyes. this is not including the "-6.00" for my astigmatism alone.
i like to think that i make a constant effort to not limit myself due to my impairment but common sense does force its way in at times. police dont enjoy my driving, even when i get busted driving drunk people home two seperate times. jailtime aint that bad for me.
i was just wondering how many folks have similar eye problems on this forum and how do they manage in training there respective martial arts?

thank you,

ps. yes i do use a red tipped cane at night. zero night vision. i could have a penis right in front of me at night and never know it. bad bad analogy i know.

ever picture a fellow at nighttime riding(very very slowly) on a bicycle with one hand and wielding a mobility/blind cane with the other?(so as not to veer off their chosen trajectory/path)??? yeah i am one of them.
8/26/13 9:34 PM
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I know a guy who teaches BJJ at a school for the blind, and specializes in teaching self-defense to people with physical handicaps that would normally preclude them from such training.


PM me if you'd like me to put you in contact.

8/26/13 10:26 PM
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call Torrance,leave a message for guido,he runs the the free classes for the kids from braille institute.

in fact ,1 kid was just got a promotion
8/26/13 11:08 PM
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^ I was going to refer him to Mario, when did Guido start teaching blind kids at the Academy?

 Two roads to the same destination, OP will be in excellent hands.


8/27/13 1:15 AM
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Trolling Phone Post
8/27/13 9:58 AM
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i'm completely blind in both eyes.
8/28/13 5:04 PM
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completely blind in both eyes???? wow, and i thought i was bad. how do YOU manage with your training.

and i am located in vancouver,wa so torrance is a bit off the path for the likes of me.


8/28/13 7:30 PM
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I'm across the river in PDX, so if you need some boots on the ground to help you find a place, I'm your guy.

8/30/13 5:15 AM
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i get around ok, i just find it hard for some(most) teachers/instructors/senseis/WHOS THE MASTAH!?s to truly understand and comply when i request that they PLEASE include an "unrealistic" amount of "detail" or specificity when demonstrating the techniques they expect me to learn. i find it quite maddening.
people think they understand but......lol.
i wish they made those red tipped canes with lead shot cores. you know, like a sap.
i could just envision myself wielding such a contraption and whipping myself in the back of the noggin ala a three sectioned staff.


ps. i was thinking about checking out this place called NEMESIS which is located near a poker club i play at. so who knows.
8/30/13 10:46 AM
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All forms of grappling are great for vision impaired folks. In wrestling, the ref starts them touching. If they break contact, he puts them back together.
8/30/13 1:12 PM
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How do you read and write on a forum? Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 2:13 AM
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am having been training for a few months via telephone on the VoiceOver function of the Mac OS X. my computer "talks" to me in a soothing sexy voice.

my rx glasses wise is around -20.00 both eyes, so some vision exists. i can count fingers if they are about three inches in front of my nose. i having a teaming disorder so i basically see double with whatever residual vision is left. but it is been that way since birth 100% so it is what it is. lots of audiobooks. and i do not drive any longer.