Revgear League BJJGround Standing up to score points with someone in guard

10/22/13 1:02 PM
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I was watching the US Open and the commentators repeatedly went to this suggestion when guys were short on time and behind on points. I haven't heard it suggested to often before but for that specific scenario it seemed reasonable.

Anyone have any comments on it?

I suppose if you're not getting anywhere there's nothing to lose.
10/22/13 1:49 PM
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Do you mean when they are in your full guard, stand up and go for a takedown?

If nothing else is working, might as well try...
10/22/13 1:53 PM
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yep thats what they were saying..

It was interesting listening to them focus on point generation strategies.
10/22/13 1:54 PM
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Judo Scott - yep thats what they were saying..

It was interesting listening to them focus on point generation strategies.

Yep, it's got to be a part of your game. As cool as it is to say "I just go out and finish everybody!" you probably won't be able to finish everyone and you need to know how to get your points when you need them.
10/23/13 10:15 PM
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If your down on points and you've been trying for the sweep for a while and haven't gotten it, might as well try something else.

It's like cutting the guy in wrestling when your down by 1 in the 3rd. If you haven't turned the guy by then your probably not going to. Cut him, now down by 2 and go for the takedown to tie it and go to overtime.
Losing is losing wether by one point or two. Might as well go for it Phone Post 3.0
10/24/13 12:03 PM
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Might not be such a great idea.

If someone has a good guard, and is on top late in the match, up on points, they will pull guard the moment you stand up.
10/27/13 9:47 PM
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I've done it before, and ended up on their back and won. Phone Post 3.0
Edited: 10/30/13 3:09 PM
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Standing up from bottom guard is an extremely valuable skill for both self defense and mma. BJJ tournaments, not so much.
10/30/13 3:50 PM
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Tourney a few months back, I had a teen that was down by 1 point, and had the guy in his guard. With time running out, after failing to sweep or sub, I yelled at him to stand up and shoot. He does just that, and I was filming it. I shot the vid off right when he hit the takedown (sorta in disgust) cause I thought time had ran out. Apparently not, ref signaled 2 points after breaking the action since time expired. Fun little last second win. Phone Post