Revgear League BJJGround Teaching my first kids class tonight...

4/19/17 4:12 PM
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... how bad are they gonna eat me up??????


I agreed to take on a kids class once a week at our gyms new second location. I feel comfortable walking into any adult class and teaching whatever. Kids... different story!


LOL we have a pretty established kids class and Im familiar wiht most of the kids as Ive often helped out with the kids. Its gonna get weird teaching them heel hooks and wrist locks. If you guys never hear from me again they ate me up and spit me out! haha!


Any pointers for me from the instructors out there????

4/20/17 4:19 PM
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Just keep it fun for them!

4/20/17 4:48 PM
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I survived. Even took my almost 4 year old daughter with me. She had her gi on but just followed me around and we "had rounds" after class. 


The kids were a hoot. One 5 year corrected me when I said he was new... "Ive been here for MONTHS!"