8/6/14 1:40 PM
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Can anyone recommend a rash guard that is thick? I do not like thin ones for no-gi class. Thanks.
8/6/14 2:04 PM
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I bought a Fuji one once that I did not like because it felt thicker than any of my other ones.

Also maybe the Under Armour that's made for cold weather training would probably be thick. Phone Post 3.0
8/6/14 2:10 PM
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Wet suit imo Phone Post 3.0
8/6/14 2:45 PM
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I believe these are ranked, but not IBJJF approved.
8/6/14 2:57 PM
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I have a few Underarmour "cold gear" rashguards that I got a few years ago that are really thick--I don't particularly like them honestly.  But if thick is what you want, they'll do it provided they're still manufactured the same way.