5/19/17 12:36 AM
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Hi guys, I'm going to be in Maui over Memorial Day week. I'm going to be staying close to Lahaina, and would like to get some training in. I know Christian Grandi has a Carlson Affiliate there, but I've had no luck with Facebook message and email from the website. Limao is on the other side of the island, I'm not sure if I'll have the ability to travel there. Does anyone have any leads on training around there? Thanks guys. 

5/19/17 6:47 AM
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I believe Christian is not there anymore, not sure if someone is running the school but I doubt it since I haven't seen them in tournaments for a couple years.  Limao has a couple schools and so does Romolo Barros, both of them are Rickson BB.   Limao is Maui jiujitsu and Romolo is Brazilian freestyle jiujitsu.  They're both about a half hour outside of lahaina.

5/19/17 6:48 AM
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If you're ever on Oahu let me know.

5/20/17 1:59 AM
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Spoke to Christian the other day he's still up and running in Lahaina I'll be there this weekend. Don't know what happened last year but whatever. Highly suggest Limao. I'll be there sometime during the week.

5/20/17 3:30 AM
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Wow, did Christian ever say what happened?  I seriously thought they shut down.

5/20/17 9:21 PM
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I was there a few months ago and never got a response from Christian. Bummer.

5/21/17 12:38 AM
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Thank you for the responses everyone. I still haven't been able to get anywhere trying to get a hold of anyone in Lahaina, I guess I'll just have to figure out a way to get to Haiku. 

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Robobear -

Wow, did Christian ever say what happened?  I seriously thought they shut down.

Nah I didn't really get into it I was just stoked to hear from him lol. But like I said he's up and running. OP, check his class schedule and go. Dude just don't answer emails I guess haha. Gotta get him on the horn the old fashioned way!


I have a private Monday morning but if you wanna go to class Monday night at 6:30 or Tuesday morning at 10 hit me up by PM and we can hook up.

5/21/17 5:35 PM
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I will say that Christian is a Carlson sr. Black belt, promoted by him.  I met him with Jr. When they did a seminar at our place a few years ago.  Very knowledgeable and nice guy, and if he's up and running in Maui, OP I would definitely check him out.

5/21/17 5:48 PM
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You train with Rickson BB Limao! Best place out there. Look up Maui Jiu Jitsu