David Jacobs' BJJGround Visiting San Diego

4/14/18 4:37 PM
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Obviously there are a million places to train here but I was curious which were the most visitor friendly or if anyone had any recommendations. 

I’m staying over in little Italy until Tuesday. My plan was to try to go to the open mat tomorrow at nine nine jiujitsu and maybe head back there for class on Monday. 

4/14/18 8:05 PM
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Check out Victory MMA 

4/14/18 8:44 PM
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Atomic -

Check out Victory MMA 

I second this. I had a great experience there. Last summer it was $20 to train all day.

4/15/18 1:51 AM
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Cool I might do victory mma tomorrow from 11-1 and then the noon class at nine nine on Monday. 

I feel almost obligated to go to nine nine since I’ve been doing turtle a shitload for the past couple of year and Telles is the turtle master. 

4/15/18 6:00 AM
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I can't recommend University of Jiu Jitsu enough. I'm not affiliated with Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu but was still treated really well by Saulo , Xande and all of the students. The jits was top notch quality which you'd expect from two masters like those two. Next time I go to San Diego I would like to train with Telles but you could go to any number of gyms and get serious level training in.
4/16/18 5:27 PM
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So I made it out to Victory for gi and no gi on Sunday and that was a great group and I just got back from Telles’ gym and they had some killers in there. Amazing group of guys and Telles was super welcoming and I got a chance to roll with him. Felt pretty cool to hear him say he felt like he was rolling with himself since I was using turtle somewhat decently. I would definitely visit there again.