Revgear League BJJGround What Chokes Did You Put People Out Accidently

3/19/17 2:31 PM
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So you got the choke waiting for the tap and Bam dudes flopping and your like ohhh shit 

3/19/17 2:57 PM
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Happened to me with RNC.

I mostly see others do it with either RNC or brabo / anaconda. 

I've never put someone out accidentally (that I can remember in this moment), but I have had to put someone out...

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 Peruvian necktie gets a little scary 

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I've only put one person out on accident. It was a baseball bat choke from the bottom. I've learned people do not like to tap to those.

3/19/17 9:25 PM
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I watched Marcus soares accidently put out a teammate by holding his forearm across his neck. He was just explaining the technique which was actually a two arm choke but apparently didn't need to be.  Everyone was confused by the sudden convulsions.

3/20/17 9:40 AM
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Palm up palm down from butterfly as they're passing...thanks Andreh...

3/20/17 10:08 AM
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The Gimp - 

Palm up palm down from butterfly as they're passing...thanks Andreh...

yeah. I like to do it from 1/2.... Can switch into tornado guard on the fly if you want.

accidentally put someone out with this too...that and regular old triangle.

3/20/17 10:58 AM
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Loop Choke


3/20/17 1:14 PM
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I come real close when defending the mounted choke, as I tend to defend on the hip to escape rather than on the neck to prevent the choke.

I figure if he's mounted and working a choke, I'm likely not going to beat it with just my hands, so rather than delay the inevitable, I focus on escaping. And it usually works.

Until it doesn't.

When I get caught and lose a few seconds, it's usually as I come up into guard from there.
3/20/17 1:21 PM
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The Gimp -

Palm up palm down from butterfly as they're passing...thanks Andreh...

Same here. Put a couple of people to sleep with this in training by accident.

3/20/17 2:27 PM
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baseball bat from bottom side control when they one ever likes to tap to that one
3/20/17 2:33 PM
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I've been training for almost 10 years and I've never put anyone to sleep. You guys make me feel like I need to be more mean. 

3/20/17 2:43 PM
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I put someone out with an insanely torqued out bow and arrow choke in competition. It didn't sneak up on him. Dude was just an animal that was not going to tap.

I've been put out in training with a cross choke from guard from a 120lb soaking wet dude. One second I thought it wasn't working and stood to pass, the next I woke up staring at the ceiling with everyone laughing. The only other time I have been put out bad was from a girl I train with clock choking me. Again, I thought "no way this is gonna work" and I woke up face down in the mat drooling.

3/20/17 3:02 PM
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Only one time on accident. It started off as a triangle and finished as a mounted triangle. Dude didn't tap and I didn't think I had it all the way in anyway..... till I heard the dude start snoring. Freaked me out honestly
3/20/17 3:14 PM
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Cross Choke from bottom around 1997. Big guy was trying to pass my guard and already had one had in collar. I put on the cross choke and I was not really putting that much pressure on it. I was using more as a distraction to either change position or do a different attack. Next thing I know I hear snoring after just a few seconds. lol
3/20/17 4:19 PM
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Ezekiel from the side/bottom as they were passing my half guard. It's happened 2x so I am careful applying it
3/20/17 6:56 PM
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Loop Choke, Clock Choke.
3/20/17 8:13 PM
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3/20/17 8:37 PM
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I have put at least 3 people out with the Von flue choke, 1 via guillotine, and a couple via arm triangles. That is spread out over 20 plus years of rolling.
3/20/17 10:12 PM
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Just gonna leave this here:
3/20/17 10:41 PM
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Only put one person out. That was it ha triangle. On purpose. 

3/21/17 12:16 AM
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3/21/17 1:10 AM
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Clock choke. Mario Sperry cleaned up tech during a seminar and I put out a guy getting ready for a regional IBJJF event accidentally. I applied it legit for one second and loosened off to show him the danger but let him fight out of the inferior grip I had adjusted off to. Unfortunately I had put him out though lol.
3/21/17 11:57 AM
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falsecrack - baseball bat from bottom side control when they one ever likes to tap to that one

I almost went to sleep with that one recently.  I've been doing too much no gi lately and I wasn't ready for it as I was passing.  I was like "I think I'm seeing stars....fuck I think I'm getting choked..."  Even had a video of it and the exact moment my face realized what was going on lol.

3/21/17 1:18 PM
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Almost 20 years and have never put anyone out with a choke in training - always play catch and release. Put one guy out in a tourney - triangle that they didn't see coming

Been put out three times in training. First was a with a t-shirt choke (in my third week of training) by a mean old bastard. Second was an armtriangle that i thought i was out of during MMA rounds. Third was a baseball bat choke as i passed their guard.