Revgear League BJJGround What Does It Mean To Be A Black Belt?

9/3/13 11:12 AM
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Here's the opening video for Black Belt Requirements, which was released today on dvd and app!
9/3/13 11:19 AM
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To purchase a black belt for $10 then fuck up some yellow belt 10 year olds Phone Post
9/3/13 3:11 PM
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9/3/13 3:19 PM
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Fantastic video as always Roy.

Maximum efficiency, mutual benefit. Phone Post 3.0
9/3/13 6:01 PM
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Roy Dean your a Mud? Phone Post 3.0
9/3/13 6:16 PM
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nice...I like the part about teaching the whole picture versus the discreet parts. I noticed some guys can naturally weave the parts togethers on their own. Some guys like me cannot without someone giving hints to me along the way. Phone Post 3.0
9/5/13 1:00 PM
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Thanks guys.  I hope the instructional is useful for all skill levels, from white belt to black belt, and that viewers will detect more and more details after multiple viewings.  This project was 7 years in the making, reflecting my process of changing white belts into brown belts eyeing that next level.

Edited: 9/5/13 7:41 PM
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Just wanna say your video's are great and help keep me motivated. I say "stay the course" often when I feel I had a less than stellar roll that day (sloppy technique,brain fart etc.). "Discover who you are"  is a pretty powerful and true statement as well,an element that I think is more important than just technique itself. The ego,not just  "not wanting to lose"  or "do whatever you can to get the tap" but also fear and depression (wanting to quit). During my white belt phase I went through a lot of "I just suck and will never get it" and almost quit a few times. Used a lot of "stay the course" during that time. I recommend your videos often,not just for the technique but the motivational wisdom behind them.

Anyway,I hope this doesn't sound like an infommercial and wanna say thanks.


9/6/13 2:16 PM
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good stuff
9/6/13 6:42 PM
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Always good stuff, Roy.


9/7/13 4:23 AM
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