Revgear League BJJGround What is best way to clean zebra mats...?

10/27/13 9:30 PM
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I'd like to mop them, but how do you make sure that water doesn't get between them and become sort of breeding ground for horrible skin diseases?
10/27/13 9:35 PM
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Spray a mist over them that has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Dry mop to dry.
10/27/13 9:42 PM
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How much do sprayers run?
10/27/13 9:44 PM
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do you have a whitebelt?

10/27/13 9:45 PM
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I really don't know man.

I'm just passing on what I see the guys doing at my gym.

Its a pretty quick and effective system though. Mats are done in about 5-10 mins.
10/27/13 10:49 PM
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Great -- this looks like the way to go. Thanks!
10/28/13 8:28 PM
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Pick up a pesticide sprayer from Lowes or Home Depot for like $15
10/28/13 8:43 PM
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Pull them up often and clean the sides and under. We had some and it didn't take long for them to mold. Phone Post 3.0
10/30/13 3:53 AM
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I like Odoban. It is organic and kills bacteria, fungus, MRSA causing agents, staff, and a ton of other unwanted grossness.I use hot water, mop with a anti microbal mop head, then dry mop with a different mop head. It keeps our mats clean and safe, we have never had a problem with our mats. This with 12-14 classes a week. We mop before each class.