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7/2/13 6:13 PM
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krept - After reading some of the reactions I can't help but think that the growing awareness within the BJJ community of sexual harassment and its relationship to sexual assault is not some flash in the pan.

BJJ is one of the best MAs to prevent rape and I don't doubt that many women want to partcipate but do not primarly because of the comfort level. Speaking out against such harassment and assault, and showing support for those who take action like Georgette and the Machados will really help the sport grow the way it should.


7/2/13 7:17 PM
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Perhaps the BJJ community will have grown stronger post LI. I'm really impressed with Georgette and the legions of level headed people holding LI's feet to the fire. This is, perhaps, a tipping point where assaulting women because we can isn't OK Phone Post 3.0
3/19/17 2:48 PM
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Why did Rigan Machado promote Paul Saucido, a known rapist, to BLACK belt after all this? Paul is still teaching jiu jitsu and still teaching women's self defense at his academy in Austin Texas!

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For clarity, do you know that Rigan promoted him or is the guy possibly just saying that Rigan promoted him....?

Either way, bad news.



3/19/17 3:04 PM
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3/19/17 5:57 PM
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Have you reached out to Rigan again for a comment about this? This guy and his school are not listed as Rigan affiliates, I am skeptical that Rigan actually promoted him to black- I would guess that the dude is just claiming that to give his promotion legitimacy. At least that is what I hope is happening. 

3/19/17 6:21 PM
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Apparently Rigan Machado DID promote him to Black Belt according to one of Rigan's highest ranking Black Belts.





3/24/17 8:56 PM
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Looks like he is off of the Zen Fit site now.