Revgear League BJJGround anybody else use technical stand up game plan

9/2/13 7:05 PM
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-as a solution to mma/self def strikes

-as to get darce family going

-to avoid the pass

-as a game plan from all guards unless fully held down ext

9/2/13 7:12 PM
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darce family = arm in guillotine
-high elbow
-meckenzitine guillotines
-spin to back
-jap necktie

9/2/13 7:14 PM
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Aesopian has a cool video of this game on youtube. Sorry don't have the link, but if you search Aesopian bjj and filter by date it's towards the top.
9/2/13 7:34 PM
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sweet will check it out
9/2/13 9:25 PM
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Hargreaves - sweet will check it out
Post it up if you find it. I'm interested in this Phone Post
9/2/13 9:28 PM
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If you can't sweep or submit try to get back up and get on top with a takedown or by sprawling on their next attempt to get you down. Phone Post
9/3/13 2:57 AM
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9/3/13 10:34 AM
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think this might be the vid
9/3/13 10:39 AM
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Hargreaves - think this might be the vid

Yep, that's it. It covers the standing up from guard applications, not the submissions you listed above.
9/3/13 10:42 AM
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Hargreaves - think this might be the vid

Great find. 

9/3/13 4:22 PM
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We learned this in no gi last friday. We were told if they started punching or whatever to stand uo like we base up. Then reingage or run away Phone Post
9/4/13 8:33 AM
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9/4/13 1:34 PM
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nice vid
9/4/13 6:03 PM
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Yep, but no so much anymore. Before starting BJJ in 96 I did judo so I am obviously comfortable standing. So during rolling sometimes I would stand up from Guard. Especially if I felt uncomfortable. I started at a Rickson Assoc school and Rickson taught the technical stand up at a seminar. So I just added that as a way to get out of guard.

*** Cool Tip ***
Here is one tip I use that works well against big guys. When I have guard and want to stand I do pretty much the same thing in the vid above using the frame and standing. BUT, before I stand I put my foot (the one that will come out) on my opponent's hip. That way if my opp tries to move forward they will actually help me stand up.

These days I am comfortable fighting from my back, even against big guys so I don't do technical stand up very much.
9/8/13 12:03 AM
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I do this alot. I fake people out like Im gonna engage guard then I stand up. Ill do it again and if they stop me I will pull highguard.
9/8/13 9:35 PM
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In Phone Post 3.0
9/10/13 10:01 PM
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At wrestling tonight we were working on getting off bottom with knee slides and change overs.

I'm interested to try the same stuff from turtle and see how it works Phone Post