Revgear League BJJGround ultimate figher 18- chris holdsworth

9/4/13 5:57 PM
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so, just found out chris holdsworth is on the show.

Royce / pat king / chis...(through purple belt)

he trained at gracie Torrance through purple belt with pat king. (Royce black belt).

later taught at cobra kai l.v.. is now 4-0 in mma.

hope you did well.
9/4/13 6:12 PM
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Was he the guy teaching at cobra kai when jeff glover filmed his show there? I know they had a segment with sim go but I remember another guy teaching class too. Phone Post
9/4/13 6:57 PM
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holds is a laimon bb,hope the kid won it
9/5/13 12:23 AM
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was he the one with the gjj tattoo?
9/5/13 12:28 AM
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BigEyedFish - was he the one with the gjj tattoo?

9/8/13 10:38 AM
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you tube video of his tuf fight.

9/8/13 10:41 AM
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found his highlight reel.

nice to see the jiujitsu.

9/9/13 8:06 AM
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Looked to have some sweet grapling Phone Post 3.0
11/6/13 8:21 PM
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WAR chris.....just saw you are in the semifinals tonight.....
11/7/13 8:44 AM
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nice fight chris....using jiujitsu for the win....very nice.
11/7/13 1:02 PM
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Loved when he was pointing at Royce's picture hanging up, giving praise to the man that kind of started him on his jiu jitsu path. In my honest opinion, your blue belt is one of the most important and special belts. It is at least to me. Phone Post 3.0
11/7/13 4:03 PM
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Awesome performance last night. love the way he took his back while pinned against the fence Phone Post
12/1/13 1:46 PM
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congratulations on winning the ultimate fighter chris....nice to see you using jiujitsu for the win. take the back for the win. awesome.
12/1/13 4:27 PM
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Will be interesting to see just how good his BJJ game is for MMA once he starts fighting higher calibre guys. Under "Bang" Ludwig his stand up is looking much better. I think within a couple of years he will be a force at 135lbs. I'm hugely impressed so far. Phone Post 3.0
12/1/13 8:12 PM
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agree his double jab is effective....and his rt cross seems to have some heavy power for 135lbs. (good hip rotation. i would prefer he keep his hands higher and elbows tighter....but i think his height gives him a reach advantage.