Boxing UnderGround Name your favorite journeyman/gatekeepers

10/18/12 11:07 PM
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I was thinking about a few guys today, that I haven't thought about in a long time and I was curious who else has a favorite journeyman/gatekeeper ? Mine are in no particular order

1. Tyrone "butterfly" Crawley
2. Harold Brazier
3. Terrance Alli Phone Post
10/21/12 11:20 PM
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emanuel augustus
10/22/12 4:10 PM
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Martin, didn't know Wiggins, found this on boxrec:

On October 21, 1930, the United Press reported that Chuck Wiggins had once again been arrested by local police, the night before -- this time for allegedly "cleaning out" a restaurant and chasing patrons into the street. According to the UP:
"Police said he gave them no trouble although on a previous occasion he soundly drubbed three officers who attempted to arrest him in a North Side hotel lobby. 'Just getting a little training, that's all,' Wiggins remarked as he climbed into the patrol wagon. After he had fought three prisoners in the city jail he was removed to solitary confinement."
INDIANAPOLIS, May 18, 1942 (AP)--"Charles F. (Chuck) Wiggins, veteran of hundreds of fights in and out of the ring, died yesterday in City Hospital of a fractured skull, which he apparently suffered in a fall down a stairway. He finished his formal schooling with the completion of the seventh grade. Street fights built up his interest in the prize ring and he had his first professional fight at the age of fifteen. Wiggins always said Greb was 'the greatest I ever met.'"
10/23/12 4:03 PM
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Another vote for Emanuel "Ya" Augustus.
10/24/12 1:04 AM
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Phone Post
10/24/12 1:05 AM
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Always liked watching Abdullaev fight when I was growing Phone Post
11/3/12 11:36 AM
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Another vote for Emanuel Augustus. One of the most entertaining boxers I've ever seen. Phone Post
11/4/12 9:08 PM
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JAMangual - Another vote for Emanuel Augustus. One of the most entertaining boxers I've ever seen. Phone Post
Talk about have gloves will travel Phone Post
11/5/12 11:19 AM
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Arturo gatti by far

Ricardo mayorga

Mickey ward

Burt cooper Phone Post
11/5/12 2:01 PM
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Gamebred -  Arturo gatti by far

Ricardo mayorga

Mickey ward

Burt cooper Phone Post

cooper could have been something if he would have not loved partying and coke so much

11/23/12 3:58 PM
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what about freddie pendleton?

he's gotta have the worst win percentage to win a belt

emmanuel augustus of course

anybody know marteze logan? the kid was good, but started to take all these top prospect fights and seemed to just settle into paycheck cashing

same thing with darnell boone

both of those guys have the skills to be contenders but didnt have the right people managing them
11/25/12 11:19 PM
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Freddie Pendleton became a champion, which keeps him.from being a gatekeeper.

Speaking of Pendleton, I saw a video on YouTube that Danny Garcia posted recently, Pendleton is shadowboxing in it and looks to be in great shape.

I'm shocked by the lack of love Harold Brazier is getting on this thread... A very under appreciated fighter Phone Post
11/25/12 11:20 PM
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I remember Marteze Logan, I swear I watched a short documentary on him Phone Post
12/7/12 11:35 PM
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I was a Brazier fan too. Not the most gifted guy but always in shape, tough & smart. How about Buck Smith? Oklahoma boy who fought at least 200 bouts during the late 80's and 90's. I say "at least" because he had a buddy he'd travel around with and he'd fight him (and others) under assumed names in the Midwest corn circuit. Said he'd rather get paid to fight, than train for free. Phone Post
12/10/12 1:27 AM
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Mr positive - Marty jakubowski, Emmanuel Augustus

Marty jakubowski, now that is a name i have not heard in a while
12/10/12 12:35 PM
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Robbie Sims: If you couldn't get by him, you sure as hell wanted no part of his half-brother Marvin Hagler. Phone Post
12/10/12 1:50 PM
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^ I really liked his fight against Barkley. Sims only seemed to lose against good fighters.
12/12/12 8:20 AM
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there was a documentary...on showtime maybe? about journeyman boxers that followed marteze logan into his fight with anthony bowman

without consulting boxrec, im pretty sure that may have been logan's last win