SBGI Estonian SBG clubs victorious in MMA

10/25/10 7:14 AM
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3D Gym and AlivenessGym Estonia do a clean sweep going 6-0 in the professional evening card of event MMA Raju 6 including BJJ BB Martin Aedma getting his 2nd TKO victory via 1st rd strikes from mount, Ott Tõnissaar beating a 10 kg heavier thai boxer and national team wrestler from Latvia with come-from behind victory via triangle choke midway to rd2 and myself beating the reigning Latvian LW champion via unanimous decision.

Thanks guys:)
10/25/10 7:19 AM
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Made my entrance using the vintage grey SBG UK hoodie. Will post pics and videos once they come up.
10/25/10 7:34 AM
Posts: 4133 -> 1st official news gallery -> weigh ins + amateur event during the day

10/26/10 2:58 AM
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Official full galleries all under 1 link.
10/27/10 6:36 PM
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2/25/11 3:40 AM
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Another event in the books. This time with higher level than ever before as opponents were from Finland where the sport is much older and more established than in Estonia. Myself and Martin were victorious again and it was a good night for Estonian MMA despite some losses as well.

Official galleries:
2/25/11 2:20 PM
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2/28/11 12:02 AM
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